Join us this Sunday February 4th for a live call on the Free Energy Academy where Hope Girl and Tivon will be presenting an in-depth analysis revealing what we believe is inside the WITTS QEG “black box”. For those who have followed this project over the years one question has had many engineers stumped around the QEG prototype completion. On Youtube there are a couple of videos put out by WITTS showing a finished self-running QEG prototype.  These videos show the QEG set up with a black box that has a piece of paper hiding what’s inside of it. We believe we have discovered what components are in there and what their purpose is. We will be giving a full explanation, that we hope can shed some light on this topic. This is a call that you will not want to miss!

This call is included with a Free Energy Academy membership (both Gold or Silver Levels). However, if you do not wish to become a member but would like to receive an invite to the call you can do so via a $10 donation.   Everyone who signs up for the call will receive an archive package download after the call. So if you missed the live call you can also get the archive package for $10.

This archive package features a lot more content than our regular live call archives and includes:
-An mp4 copy of the live call
-An mp4 copy of a higher video and audio quality pre-recorded presentation explaining the analysis.
-A copy of both of the mp4 videos used in the analysis for personal researching purposes

Also for academy members only, we will be providing the proposed circuit design in a high resolution format along with other new supporting research topics posted in our Gold Member QEG builder forums.

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