I can’t believe it took me this long to discover “Back to Eden” gardening. This is a method of growing food that was discovered by Paul Gautschi.  The concept is simple; food and plants grow in the forest right? Back to Eden gardening attempts to mimic the conditions that happen on the forest floor. What you are supposed to end up with is a garden that produces the best yield with no tilling and very little watering. For a full overview of this garden method be sure to see this documentary film featuring Paul Gautschi.


If you have clay soil like we have here in Morocco, this garden method might be the answer to your problems. Most people get a woochipper at a local garden store or even get landscapers to deliver their woodchips to their house.  We are finding that woodchip mulch is not really easy to come by where we live, and we’ve found a good hack for making your own woodchipper out of a lawnmower. In this Vlog, we take you on our quest to find a woodchipper, which takes a lot longer than you would expect.