In recent years unique alternative lifestyles have been gaining in popularity amongst niche groups of people all over the world. In this vlog we take a look as some of these concepts to establish some foundational definitions for digital nomads, homesteading and off grid living.

Digital nomads are people who earn a living by doing various things on the internet and often live and work remotely in foreign countries, usually where the cost of living is cheaper.   This is a lifestyle that has been growing rapidly since 2014 when websites ranking cities by cost of living, weather and internet speed started to pop up to help digital nomads choose where they wanted to live and also when digital nomad conferences started to be held in Chiang Mai and other popular locations.  The life of a digital nomad has plenty of ups and downs and many digital nomads have created vlogs to share their experiences with the world. One of our favorite digital nomad vloggers that we follow is Chris the Freelancer. You can view his amazing videos here.

Homesteading is a lifestyle of self sufficiency, that is characterized by growing and preserving your own food, and differs from rural village or communal village by isolating oneself on the homestead. Modern homesteaders often use renewable energy options such as solar electricity and wind power. Many grow heirloom vegetables and raise heritage livestock. Many families who have chosen a homesteading lifestyle have created YouTube videos that are a library of resources that share their homestead ideas with the world and teach others how to do a variety of self sufficient skills. One of our favorite homesteading vloggers that we follow is Starry Hilder Off Grid Homestead. You can check our their amazing channel here.

An off grid lifestyle is usually characterized by living in a manner that does not require being hooked up to the municipal electrical plant. However, off grid living brings with it a certain kind of unique mentality that extends out so much further than just the electrical plant.  People with this mind set want to be completely independent of any kind of grid structure or cookie cutter- limited thinking societal systems.


In this video I discuss each of these ideas as it applies to my own life and hope that this can help to inspire others to embrace some of these concepts for themselves.