Our world is in a full global assault by a Demon King Spirit called Leviathan.  Regardless of what you believe, just about every person on the planet right now is being effected by this monster. This spirit causes division, fights, anger, assaults, misinformation, miscommunication and destroys relationships.  There is a way to overcome it that might surprise you, but first you need to be able to recognize it and understand what it is your dealing with.   Once you do, having this wisdom can help you change your life… especially if its been ruined by Leviathan.

In this special report from Real Speaks, Naima and Tivon give a full overview of Leviathan that includes its characteristics, scriptural references,  and real life examples like the flat earth debate and government Psy-ops.

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This Special Report is one of the first few from our newest media venture “Real Speaks”  brought to you by Naima (Hopegirl) and Tivon of the Fix the World Organization. Special reports are in depth coverage of topics such as spiritual warfare, ancient aliens, Technology, Nephilim and the Giants and more.  We also do a weekly current events show on Wednesday nights with the latest spiritual, political, and end time reports that happened in the news that week.  Be sure to subscribe to real speaks mailing list to get the latest shows delivered to your inbox.