This week we focus our current events show on the topic of sexual perversions that are taking place in our society right now. The UK police are now allowing convicted racists to change their gender in order to get charged differently.  We also do a review on the amazing story of David Arthur who’s testimony is featured in the film “Fire and Brimstone”.  David has come out of the transgender LGBT movement after Jesus healed him from Aids. In the film, David reveals some uncomfortable truths about the links between the LGBT agenda and the normalization of pedophilia.  We also give an example of a pedophile site on Twitter that was allowed to run for a full year despite thousands of angry people reporting it. Also included in the show we cover the ongoing controversy of Drag Queen Storytime after one of the drag queens was outed as a convicted pedophile.  Then there’ the latest in the Jeffrey Epstein and Prince Andrew case as well as the breaking news of one of the biggest Pedophile Ring Busts on the dark web.


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