Did you know that Fix the World has helped to fund over 115 individuals and groups in countries all around the world through Kiva? We are able to do this because of the help that we get from those who support our work. Each month we contribute 10% of our proceeds to help others in need through programs like Kiva and other initiatives we find along our path. We are happy to share their stories with you here in our monthly giving report.

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Mayra Jackelin’s story

Mayra is 28 years old. She is the single mother of a 3-year-old girl. She was only able to go to school up to the ninth grade because her family is very poor and couldn’t help her.
Maria earns a living selling tortillas. She learned this thanks to her adoptive mother, who from the time Maria was very young, taught her to work doing household jobs and also in the agricultural area. Currently, she only works selling tortillas. Her business is located in her home. She gets up at 5:00 in the morning to cook the corn that she will use for the daily sales, and she finishes at 4:00 in the afternoon.
She needs this loan for the purchase of corn and firewood for the sale of tortillas. She dreams of having a larger business, seeing her daughter become a professional, and of building her house of a mixed system [concrete and steel]. View the Fund Here. 

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Kunduzkan’s story

Kunduzkan is 53 years old and has a secondary education. She and her husband have a 12-year-old son. In 2000, Kunduzkan started a farming and animal husbandry business. Today she has two cows, and 20 sheep and goats. She sells potatoes which she raises on 1.1 HA of land.
Kunduzkan has applied to Bai Tushum Bank CJSC for a loan of 70,000 som (KGS) to buy cattle to increase the size of her herd. The profits from the loan will allow Kunduzkan and her family to further develop her business and to repair their home. View the Fund Here. 

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Nofah’s story

Nova is a single lady and lives in Al-Huson-Irbid governorate with her family. She is the sole breadwinner for ‎her family and she was an employee in one of the sewing shops.‎The pension of her father was not enough to secure the family at the same living standards; therefore ‎Nofah decided to use her experience in sewing and embroidery to make some extra money to help her ‎father with the living expenses. She opened a sewing shop, sewing some orders for the neighbors.‎Due the increase in demand for her work, Nofah got encouraged about starting a new field, a sewing shop. ‎She started upholstering furniture and selling cleaning materials beside her sewing work.‎ Her business is growing slowly but steadily and the return of business helped her to contribute a lot to the ‎family and significantly participate in covering the living expenses.‎

Now Nofah is applying for a loan to help her to buy new fabrics and thread to sew furniture and curtains to ‎increase her income.‎ View the Fund Here. 

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Titi’s story

Good day lenders! Meet one of KSPPS BMI’s clients, Titi who is 36 years old, married, and has three daughters. Titi has been selling food such as snacks, bread, cake, drink, etc for four years. Her husband works very hard and he has been an employee in the Tangerang District for twenty five years. They would like to improve their living conditions and create a happy and healthy live for their kids.She has asked for a loan of IDR 7,000,000 from KSPPS BMI. This loan will be used to build a clean water source facility at their home to improve access to water for their family. Today her family has no access to a water source in their home and must rely on the river for bathing. Her family income is insufficient to build a water source but Titi will be able to repay the loan received.She and her family want to live a healthy life with clean water. She is very grateful for the opportunity and wants to thank all lenders. View the Fund Here. 

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Basima’s story

Basima is 48 years old from Rafah city in the Gaza strip. She has one daughter. She tries to make her daughter’s life very comfortable and provide all her needs.She works in the public sector where she earns a low income.Because of the electricity problem, they can’t use boilers to heat water, so she is taking a USD loan from Palestine for Credit and Development (FATEN) to buy a solar heating system to heat water and solve their problem. View the Fund Here. 

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Alisa’s story

Meet Alisa again! Alisa lives in Aghavnatun village and currently lives alone. Her husband and son are migrant workers in a neighboring country. Alisa and her family are involved in agriculture. They cultivate greens in a greenhouse and also have many grape vines. Her previous Kiva loan allowed her to start and develop grape cultivation.Currently Alisa has no assistants. She has requested her second Kiva loan so she can be more organized and develop her farming processes. Alisa needs your support to pay for materials to renovate her garden, buy fertilizer, and hire workers to pick grapes. She is very thankful in advance and hopes for your helping hand. View the Fund Here. 

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Mercy Auxiliadora’s story

Mercy and her family live in the city of Portoviejo, a place very affected by an earthquake which destroyed a large part of the city. On the night of the earthquake, her family was very afraid and pained upon seeing the walls of their house left with many cracks and the majority of the household appliances destroyed. She had a business selling ceviches [a traditional dish] which also suffered damages since in the retail space many shellfish were damaged, which due to the lack of electricity decomposed, in addition the dishes and the freezer broke down, in addition for some days she could not work due to the instability that there was in the city. After a time, she began with her sales and for this she has asked for another loan with which to purchase all the materials and products to continue selling her foods and, so, little by little with her earnings fix the walls of her house and purchase the supplies that they are lacking so much. View the Fund Here. kiva 8

Celestial Group’s story

Cantel is a municipality in the Guatemalan State of Quetzaltenango. It is a town where 80% of the population speaks Maya K´iché and is home to the 7 dedicated members of the Friendship Bridge Trust Bank “Celestial”. Because the women work hard on a daily basis, they have seen their businesses prosper and the lives of their families become better. Most of their businesses are weaving traditional wrap-around skirts (“cortes”), embroidered blouses (“huipiles”) and tablecloths. A few raise and sell pigs. The women are in their 5th loan cycle with Kiva investors.The President is 28 year old Angélica who is married without children. She and her husband work hard to generate income they can save to have a good home and children in the future. Angélica’s business is weaving the traditional skirts, along with selling footwear to augment her income. She is requesting a loan to buy a wooden loom in order to increase her working tools and have more products for her customers. View the Fund Here.