Because of the help of generous people like you, FTW was able to help fund several people through Kiva this month. We are happy to share their stories with you here.

Samah Ehwaihi (picture above), 25 years old, lives in Gaza. She is married and has two sons. She represents the laboring Palestinian woman who helps her husband in raising their children. She has a poultry farm and hopes that it will be enough for them to cover their needs.This happy situation has been changed after the destructive war that damaged their home. She needs to get a loan so they don’t stay in the street since their home was destroyed. After gaining the loan, their home will again be a normal place for humans to live in. The money will help them rebuild the demolished walls to protect her children. Then, she will buy doors and windows, paint the walls, and cover the floor with new tiles.As all mothers, she does not want her children to live in an unhealthy home. She will be happy with your help and support. The one who appears beside Samah is her husband. View Fund:

Khaled Abu-Mousa, 28 years old, lives in Khanyounis. He is married and eagerly waiting his children to fill his life and fulfill his dreams with his wife. He didn’t complete his education and works as salesman. Khaled lives in a poor neighborhood so he thought how he can gain money in this place as well doing something that helps these people; especially after the war on Gaza.For this reason, he had been worked as a taxi driver and collected some money. Then, he used them it to open a second hand clothes shop at a simple place in the street.Khalid’s current dream is to achieve the repairs to his home that had been destroyed in the war. At this time, his profits are not enough to cover all the requirements, so he applied for a loan. By gaining the loan his life will be better because the kitchen, bathroom, and the other parts of the home will be more suitable for human living. In details, the bathroom needs toilet, washbasin, shower, and he wants to cover the floor with new tiles and paint the walls. The kitchen also needs cooker, freezer, table, and wood cabinet.

To sum up, Khalid’s home needs many things and his happy future depends on your financial support. He will acknowledge your contribution in helping him keep his dignity.View Fund:

Mohammad is 33 years old, and lives at bait lahyai in Gaza. He is married and has two daughters, which forces him to try as much as he can to take care of them and offer a decent life for them. For a living, he works in a grocery but this is not sufficient to live a better life or to have a suitable home to live in especially after the war.The situation of Mohammad’s house is miserable and needs a lot of things to be suitable for a human being to live in. He applied to get a loan and amend his home. If he gets the loan, he will amend the bathroom, windows, and doors; cover the floor with bricks; paint the dirty walls, and totally change the home.The poor economic life in Palestine, especially in Gaza, that people have been suffering in for more than nine years, has forced people to resort to loans as a solution to get out from their crises. Mohammad is one of those people who is waiting to get the loan and change his daughters’ lives. View Fund:

Ahmad, 21 years old, lives in Khanyounis. He lives in a farming area, so after finishing school, he decided to work as a farmer and to marry in the near future.Ahmad aims to live a good life by improving his own farm and work. He wants to expand his farm to employ a greater number of workers and increase the productivity. To fulfill all his plans he wants to get a loan as fast as possible.After gaining the loan he will plant the land with different kinds of peppers and he will also add new plants to his farm. Moreover, he will buy the needed tools of the farming and greenhouse such as nylon, plastic channels, gutters, and the water pipelines.

The future of Ahmad’s farm project seems to be successful, because his products have a good reputation between the customers around him and he treats them kindly. By improving the farm, his life will improve also. For instance, his income will increase and he will be able to buy his own house and marry. Ahmad is greatly thankful for any help you will offer and will appreciate your support.

Ivana is 34 years old, married, and has two children. She lives in the minority community. The residents of the minority’s community live in unacceptable conditions. At this time, Ivana lives in an old house which needs urgent renovation. She works in a municipality and is requesting a loan in order to renovate house.
This loan will help the family to improve their living conditions including their sanitary needs. She hopes in the future to find much better paying job and increase her salary. Her goal is to give children a better education. Ivana appreciates Kiva’s support very much! View Fund:
A single mother aged 49, Voahanginirina has done her best to allow her two children to succeed in life. Her children are both already married. Earlier, Voahanginirina sold used goods.After taking a training course in a specialized institute to learn hairdressing, she set up her hairdressing salon in 2006. The salon is located in her home. She has made investments in it in the meanwhile.This fourth loan will permit her to acquire new materials to improve the services she offers. Her plan is to have a beauty salon which is up to standard and will attract new targeted clients. The idea is to have a source of income that is more stable so she can be financially independent. View Fund

Nenita is a 44-year-old married woman with four children, aged 15, 13, 10, and 3 years old. She lives a simple life with her family in Baybay, Leyte.Her husband is a driver while Nenita makes a living by selling fruits and vegetables to the community. With this, Nenita is asking for a loan of 6,000 PHP to buy fruits and vegetables, such as banana fruit, squash, eggplant, and root crops to sell. In the future, Nenita wishes to expand her business and become productive. View Fund: