Month: August 2017

An inside look at how we do business. (video documentary) Hire FTW for your project today!

Did you know that you could hire FTW to work on your project?  Lately we’ve been taking on new clients to help them with their projects in a variety of ways. We thought one of the best ways to show people what we do and how we do it is to share this video with anyone to let you get to know us better. This video is a homemade documentary that gives you an inside peek into how we manage our business and projects at Fix the World S.A.R.L.  You will see the unique lifestyle of a “laptop entrepreneur”...

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Explaining ACChain Lynette Zang Crypto Currency and the Mark of the Beast

In the last few weeks major events have unfolded around crypto currencies that clearly show that we are on our way to a New World Order One World Currency… and its digital.  Some are saying that this is the Mark of the Beast System. Signs include plans of the IMF to use a vehicle called the SDR that will be pegged to a digital currency using the ACChain quantum computing platform.  If you don’t understand what any of this means, that’s ok! This show is meant for beginners to the world of crypto currency. Tivon and Naima do a...

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