Month: January 2017

2 Years of Giving for Fix The World

Woo hoo!! Its humbling to think that its been a solid two years that we have been able to diligently give 10% of our income to help others in need through Kiva. This giving report celebrates our 24th month of giving!  This works everyone! Because we have been faithful in giving to others, we have been blessed tremendously.  We are happy to share with you here the stories of those we helped support this month. Pwogre De Jacquet (Ga)’s story Louinese is presiding over a group of 30 people: 12 women and 18 man. Fifty percent of them are...

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(Video) Hope and Vossa Talk about Spirituality, Religion, New Age and Money

In response to my recent testimony about leaving the new age movement and coming to Christ, my good friend Vossa contacted me to have the conversation that we decided to make public. We’ve walked down so many of the same roads trying to find our spiritual centers while also simultaneously trying to bring free energy and eco-living into a reality for many others.   In this conversation we dig deep into the levels of understanding that we are both at when it comes to such matters. Both of us have been through a lot in our respects and it...

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From New Age to Jesus Christ My Testimony (Video)

This is my story. I was a born again Christian as a teenager, and then I joined a fundamentalist Christian cult and was hurt by the church. I abandoned God and practiced witchcraft for 13 years living in Salem Massachusetts. I then had a crisis that made me dive deep into the new age movement. I was attacked by demons while I experimented with new age mysticism. God saved me through his holy spirit and Jesus helped me cast out the devils that were ruining my life. I felt moved in my heart to share my testimony in this...

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