Month: December 2016

Whats New For FTW / QEG 2017! New Video Report

Happy New Year to everyone! 2017 is bringing all sort of new developments and growth for us here at Fix the World Headquarters. Changes in What Kind of Information we distribute I’ve felt a strong push over the last few months to come away from some of my older ways of presenting information.  You’ll see a change in the types of material that I cover, and the ways that we disseminate our information.  This change comes from a culmination of things.  With some of the latest scandals in the news like “pizzagate” and “fake news” I think a lot...

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How to quit Facebook

By Angela Nelson. If you’re feeling depressed, consider taking a break from the social media site. These strategies can make it less painful. I deleted Facebook from my phone recently. Lately, for me, the app was doing more harm than good. Cruising through my feed had become an exercise in emotional torture, whether it was reading hate-filled political speech, seeing photos of wealthy friends on their fifth vacation of the year or wishing I had the time and energy to be as fit as some of my acquaintances. Banishing Facebook from my iPhone was weird at first. But several...

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(New Video) QEG Free Energy Project Simple Explanation and Demo for Beginners

Thought is would be a good idea to do a new simple presentation where we explain all the basic behind the project in one place for anyone who might be new to the project. We run an online academy where we provide more in depth updates on the project through weekly videos that are accessible to members. If you would like to get the free plans please go here:… If you want more information, please check out our FAQ’s and more resources here:… If you want to join the academy, go here:...

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UN finally offers ‘half apology’ to Haiti for cholera outbreak

After six years of refusing to accept full responsibility for causing a deadly Cholera outbreak in Haiti which has killed up to 30, 000 people since 2010, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon finally offered what he suggested was an official apology on Thursday. Speaking at a special meeting of the U.N. General Assembly in New York, he addressed his remarks directly to the Haitian people in Creole and French. “We apologize to the Haitian people. We simply did not do enough with regard to the cholera outbreak and its spread in Haiti. We are profoundly sorry for our role,” said...

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