Month: July 2016

Contamination levels rising as Fukushima rages five years onward

Passing the 5 year anniversary mark in March of this year, it is increasingly peculiar and frustrating to see the Fukushima-Daiichi disaster still raging on, while the confusion surrounding the particulars of the situation continue to remain shrouded in hear-say and half-truths. Not surprisingly, a great deal of this confusion has stemmed from media propaganda, of both the western and eastern variety–in this case, the common denominator being government/nuclear regulation. As any country’s nuclear programs are inherently wed with their military and governmental structures, whether they publicize this or not, Japanese officials have remained disappointingly adamant about the shifting...

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USA: Pa. House approves industrial hemp bill

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives voted unanimously yesterday to legalize industrial hemp across the state, sending the legislation to Gov. Tom Wolf. The House voted 184-0 on July 10 to approve the legislation, following a state Senate vote earlier this month. The bill is now on its way to Wolf’s desk. If signed into law, the bill will allow private farmers to grow industrial hemp for research purposes through pilot programs overseen by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture or institutions of higher education. Hemp is a product that stems from the cannabis plant, and it can be manufactured into...

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Brexit to set Julian Assange free — WikiLeaks says EU arrest warrant will be “scrapped”

London, UK – Wikileaks founder Julian Assange hopes that his self-imposed imprisonment, under threat of arrest and extradition, could finally be at an end in the aftermath of the Brexit vote. Assange has been living in the Ecuadorian embassy in London since seeking asylum there in June 2012 after Swedish authorities sought his extradition from the U.K over an alleged sexual assault. The U.K.’s decision to exit the European Union means the European Arrest Warrant (EAW), issued by Sweden, which in many circles is considered an American tactic meant to allow the U.S. government to extradite Assange, should be...

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A Walk Through Leaked Top Secret JTRIG Documents (video)

The government pays people to infiltrate online blogs, forums, websites, radio shows and chat rooms to spread negative comments and discord in an attempt to discredit the information portrayed.  This video is a walk through of top secret documents leaked by Edward Snowden.  You can view the actual slides here. Covered in the slides are the many tactics that are used to manipulate the public as a means of psychological warfare.  If you’ve experienced any of this online, chances are its part of the JTRIG program.   Disclaimer: Please read this statement, written with love, that explains the sentiment...

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