this is my most recent technical wrap up adn walk thru for those of you who do not understand me or what i am on about. i am disabled on a mountain top in west virginia. i do not shut up about the human biofield because it is a dna generated body part, not somebody elses to play with … everyone deserves body autonomy in my personal opinion.

then there is my previous job as a network engineer helping build the internet itself back in 1998 … so i actually understand conus, copper, catv and all the wireless working groups including sosa and mosa and the dod and dia craptastic sensor hunter styled networks. i am providing the scope to anyone trying to stay alive that may be missing from their genuine attempt to survive. i am out here talking purely because Jesus Christ of Nazareth saved me when i was four and raised me with a battle angel bc when He is close it burns.

i have always begged these celestials, luminaries and variant entites to not manifest near me because the intesnity hurts or burns or is painfully loud. i am speaking until God tells me i am done or sept 2023. you cannot pay me and i do not do interviews because i have a lot of cats and two kids, and a life i cling to with joy. my channel has some incredible commentators who are full of knowledge so i encourage to leave queries in the comments and watch the wisdom flow. srsly, many of the folks who grace this channel with their love and support have phenomenal backgrounds. they are God’s people, no matter what name they call Him.

Amen and may anything i have shared bless you and help your heart recall how beautiful you are and how important your love is, right now, to God. love one another as I have loved thee, whoever you are, please know you are loved because you are breathing. thank you for existing and thinking, and hopefully, for my kids, and listening because listening is loving, Amen.





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