The UN, WHO, and WEF are preparing the world, as if they were tilling the ground, for the New World Health Order coming to you this May.  Do not misunderstand, this has been in the works for a very long time, officially since 2005.  This past week saw sweeping changes.

Biden Administration Announces Global Health Security Partnership with 50 Countries as Pandemic Accord Flails-AP

Biden is leveraging himself as the “Savior” for the next pandemic and this New World Health Order.

New Global Health Security Strategy  (64 pages)

This new strategy was truly codified on October 15, 2016 by Health and Human Services.  It was 88-pages and contained definitions and protocol for coming pandemics.  It is an official regulation and is the law of the land.  For case studies in that 2016 Proposed Regulations they used Coronvirus and Ebola.

The ASAP Framework: A New Tool for Regulatory Agencies to Facilitate Adoption of Pandemic Approaches

Executive Orders on COVID-19 Pandemic Rescinded

All of President Trump’s EO’s for COVID have been rescinded.  Biden will now pen new EO’s lock-step with the UN and WHO.


There is new terminology for the coming pandemics.  The nutshell version is extremely illuminating:

All particles will be considered INFECTIVE.  Consider the ramifications of this statement.  Yikes, think of those dust bunnies under your bed!

No longer will we consider the SIZE of the particle.  It will be forbidden to discuss whether it is atomic, dust, bacteria, “virus”, fungal, drop, or wad of mucous.

No longer will we be able in free-society to discuss the ORIGIN of the particle.  Is it human, animal, plant, bacterial, “viral”, fungal, synthetic biology, technological, geoengineered, extinct animated life, or even alien.

Let us deep dive:


Well into the COVID-19 pandemic, the WHO and the CDC were reluctant to use terms like:

  • “airborne,”
  • “airborne transmission,”
  • “aerosol transmission”

To describe the spread of the virus through the air, while other experts used various definitions to describe the phenomenon, sowing confusion about how the disease was circulating.

A new report proposes NEW UMBRELLA TERMINOLOGY for pathogens that transmit “through the air,” which include not only SARS-CoV-2, but also influenza, measles, MERS-CoV, SARS, and tuberculosis. Source:  CIDRAP, WHO.

Umbrella terminology refers to a word or phrase that encompasses a wide range of concepts, ideas, or subjects within a common category. It is a term used to describe a broad and general concept that covers various specific items or entities. Umbrella terms are often used in various fields, such as science, medicine, business, or marketing, to simplify complex ideas and provide a common language for communication.

You must understand that this new terminology is a Living Document.  It can change in as little as ever 48-hours.  This semantic shell game has been going on for decades.


What do think of when you hear the words, “through the air”?  I think of electromagnetic radiation (EMF), like WiFi.  The next pandemic will be, according to government and military sources, a hemorrhagic event.

  • It will be TRIGGERED by frequency.
  • It will send a malicious computer-like code into your body-developed in the 1990’s and early 2000’s.
  • It will tell your body to bleed out.
  • At the same time, the internet as you know it will collapse or melt-down.  This pandemic you will have NO CONNECTIONS.
  • It is referred to as Ebola of Systems or Ebola of Networks.
  • After many people die, a new “Internet” will emerge. To participate, you must comply 100% to agenda demands.  That is if you live at all.


During the last pandemic, the terms ‘airborne’, ‘airborne transmission’, ‘droplets’ and ‘aerosols’ were used in different ways, by different stakeholders, which contributed to confusion in communicating how this pathogen was transmitted to populations via air. A lack of consensus on what exactly is meant by ‘airborne’, ‘airborne transmission’ necessitated better alignment of these terms across disciplines, agencies and pathogens.

From an Emergency Management perspective this does make sense because during one activation two Emergency Operation Centers had the same name caused confusion and cost time to rectify, resulting in loss of life and property.  There does need to be a set definition of terms but NOT consensus, but we will get into that later.

In 2021, the WHO convened to determine the term ‘airborne transmission’, which included differences in particle sizes, duration in the air, distance travelled, method of dispersal and other properties.

The key objectives of this global technical consultation process were:

To bring together APPROVED and TRUSTED GLOBAL EXPERTS of various disciplines including experts in epidemiology, microbiology, clinical management, infection prevention and control, bioengineering, physics, air pollution, aerosol science, aerobiology, public health and social measures, and social science.  They would define:

  • Particle
  • Various Transmissions

The aim of the consultation was to:

Identify a language for these terms that can be understood, ACCEPTED, and eventually implemented by all disciplines and experts globally.  If you differ from the narrative then your view will be erased in all media, publications, and “official” discussion’s.

The scope of what TYPE of pathogens were covered in this consultation and the resulting DESCRIPTORS used in this document are as follows:

Pathogens, contained within a PARTICLE (known as ‘INFECTIOUS PARTICLES’), travel through the air.  Think about it for a minute.  they are not defining pathogens.  They begin talking exclusively about particles only.  Remember, those household dust bunnies.  True, they may pick up stuff floating in the air but they are not considered infectious.

When these INFECTIOUS PARTICLES are carried by expired airflow (they are known as ‘INFECTIOUS RESPIRATORY PARTICLES’ or IRPs), and which enter the human respiratory tract (or are deposited on the mucosa of the mouth, nose or eye of another person).

Pathogens FROM ANY SOURCE including:

  • Mankind,
  • Animal,
  • Plant
  • Microbe
  • Environment,
  • Technological,
  • Synthetic Bbiology,
  • Resurrected and animated extinct lifeforms,
  • Hybrids,
  • Nanobots,
  • Geoengineering,
  • Chemical operations

These cause predominantly respiratory infections (e.g., Tuberculosis [TB], influenza, severe acute respiratory syndrome [SARS], Middle East respiratory syndrome [MERS]), but as well as those causing infections involving the respiratory and other organ systems (e.g. COVID-19, measles).

Did you catch the airborne DRIFT of this?  Here is what it easily looks like so far:


  • Particle=Infectious
  • Particles can be from any source

Infectious Respiratory Particles (IRPs) exist on a continuous spectrum of sizes, and NO single cut off points should be applied to distinguish smaller from larger particles  Translated this means particle size will no longer be allowed in any discussion. The group decided that this allowed discussions to move away from the dichotomy of previous terms such as ‘aerosols’ (geo-engineering and such-and military technological experimentation using generally smaller particles distinguishing them from ‘droplets’ that are generally larger particles.  But no matter, we are just not going to talk about size any longer.

The “consensus” group also discussed many environmental factors that influence the way IRPs travel through air, such as ambient air temperature, velocity, humidity, sunlight (ultraviolet radiation), airflow distribution within a space, and many other factors, and whether they retain viability and infectivity upon reaching other individuals.  The consensus group can talk about environmental factors but the media and average person must carte blanche accept the “trusted sources.”  I am sure that you can see where this is going.


The modes of transmission follow classic epidemiological principles and refer to how an infectious agent, which CAN BE pathogenic (but oftentimes is not), can be transferred to another.

  • Person, (not necessarily human but could include humanoid or synthetic forms, even an entity)
  • Object,
  • Environment,
  • Water,
  • Food,
  • Insect,
  • Animal,
  • Plant


The descriptor ‘through the air’ can be used in a general way to characterize an infectious disease where the main mode of transmission involves the pathogen TRAVELLING THROUGH or BEING SUSPENDED in the air. This has similarity with other public health descriptors of infectious diseases, such as ‘waterborne’ and ‘bloodborne’, that refer to the main medium through which a specific disease is transmitted.



PUBLIC HEALTH and SOCIAL MEASURES coming SOON will include draconian implementation of multiple approaches:

  • Politicized case findings validating the global agenda;
  • Hand hygiene, Mask-wearing;
  • Delivery of prompt and APPROPRIATE TREATMENTS; only their pharmaceuticals’ and supplements will be allowed!
  • Environmental cleaning and disinfection; if your house is not GREEN CLEAN you will be forced out.
  • Ensuring adequate ventilation;
  • Infection prevention and control measures in health care settings;
  • Clinical case management, and it is the WHO who will do the management.

All these measures are influenced by an understanding of how, where and when transmission of a pathogen occurs.

Implementation of the above measures will use a ‘HIERACHY OF CONTROLS’ approach.  Notice that ‘s’ in control meaning there will be multiple controls, or a layer upon layer, of control system managed by AI.


The mode of transmission includes the formation, release, transport and biophysical/biochemical changes to IRPs that occur when they move away from an infectious individual and travel towards another individual. In addition, IRPs may directly deposit on the:

  • Mouth,
  • Nose
  • Eye of another individual, and can potentially infect the individual.

Transmission can also land on a surface, which I will not discuss in this article.


The following statement may disrupt your theological belief system but I can assure you it is happening.  Maybe you thought you would not be here, maybe you thought you would see it come to pass.  Even for those of us of firm faith it is not unfolding the way we envisioned it.

We have been seeing, ever so slightly, a power transfer between the dragon in Revelation 13 and the beast of blasphemy.  In May, we will see a significant fulfillment of the transfer of power from the dragon (of old) to the beast.

And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority. Verse 2

As we hold this thought let us return to novel geometry and quantum physics.

Particle physics involves the understanding surrounding the smallest particles of matter and their interactions. These interactions are expressed in terms of fundamental forces.

In recent years, researchers have been exploring how particle geometry can influence interactions with cells, such as macrophages. Particles are being used to implemented in weaponized drug delivery systems.

Particle Physics is the study of the fundamental constituents of matter (particles) and their interactions and forces. Elementary particles include quarks, leptons, gluons, photons, Z and W bosons, and the Higgs boson.

Particle Geometry exploits the shape and structure of particles to affect their interactions and forces with cells. For instance, elongated, micro- and nanoparticles have been shown to reduce particle uptake into macrophages, compared to spherical particles.

PEGylation: Is a technique used to modify the surface of particles with polyethylene glycol (PEG) HYDROGEL chains. This can reduces particle uptake into macrophages thereby INCREASING the circulation time of these synthetic drug delivery systems in any original design system whether it is mankind, animal, plant, or microorganism.


You and I, my friends, are living at a time spoken of by the Prophet Daniel.

“Now I must inform you what shall be at the end of those days. For behold, there shall arise another king, who shall be different from the former ones, and shall subdue three kings. He shall speak words against the Most High and shall wear out the saints of the Most High, and he shall think that he can change the times and the seasonshe shall speak words against the Most High.”  Daniel 10:14:


The Crown Jewel at the Heart of Quantum Physics is the recent discovery that the geometric particle has the incredible power and interaction to change space and timeas well as our reality.

We are seeing Daniel 10 being fulfilled before our very eyes. In summary, novel geometry interactions with particles can influence our behavior and the very interactions with our cells, such as macrophages.  This research is in its nascent stage, we will surely, unless we experience Divine intervention, new insights into the fundamental nature of particles and their interactions.

The consensus for action for all of the above was reached by self-appointed rich men of the earth.


Despite many hurdles and a time-crunch, a consensus of the overarching terminology of ‘transmission through the air’ with sub-categories of ‘airborne transmission” and ‘direct deposition’has been laid at each of our doorsteps in preparation for Pandemic X.

During the infectious stage of the disease, an infected person can generate particles containing the pathogen, along with water and respiratory secretions. As has been described, such are known as ‘infectious respiratory particles’ or IRPs.

These IRPs are then carried by expired airflow, exit the infectious person’s mouth and/or nose.

In the days to come we will see SEVERE RESTRICTIONS on the following:


And you thought COVID restrictions were bad! CO2 is released into the air when you do any of these “activities.” According to the UN and WHO it is considered a “pollutant” and “damaging the planet.”  Therefore taxes will be levied against any of these “activities” and also a “usage” fee.  According to a legal precedent, you may also be fined or sued for transmitting and/or receiving the patented Intellectual Property material.

The IRPs exist in a wide range of sizes and travel in the air in a turbulent puff cloud (exhaled mixture of gases from the lungs and respiratory particles). The IRPs are carried by the puff cloud and remain concentrated until the cloud reduces sufficiently in momentum to enable IRP dispersal.


We must consider the wicked semantics in the following:

Host: Immune status of the host, including prior infection, vaccination, status of an individual’s innate, cellular and humoral immunity;

The term “host” comes from the Latin “hostia,” meaning “sacrifice” or “victim.”

Pathogen characteristics: Todays pathogens and particles were designed to remain infective after suspension in the air and the dose-infection relationship for the pathogen after it deposits on a surface in the host’s respiratory tract.

As you see above in the NASA Strategic Warfare Document Warfare 2025 this is referred to as a “pathological mission”.


Particle size: IRPs are formed with a continuous spectrum of aerodynamic sizes, and no single cut off points should be applied to distinguish smaller from larger particles. In this way you will NOT be allowed to distinguish between sizes:  Planck, atom, nano, bacteria, fungus, or drop.

They also eliminated, or will in May, the discussion of particle ORIGIN.

  • Geo-Engineering,
  • Synthetic
  • Original Design, in the past referred to as natural
  • Alien
  • SynBio
  • Hybrid
  • Technological

Scientis and researchers will study and disuss, but you the public will never see their findings on the following:

Small particles are known as ‘aerosols’.  Droplets are generally larger particles. There are usually more small  particles than large which are the more pure of natural particles.

Speed of expulsion: The speed of expulsion can vary depending on the force of expiration and other factors relating to the surrounding ENVIROMENTAL and Electromagnetic.

Influence of gravity: Under the influence of gravity, after being expelled, larger IRPs rapidly fall, eventually reaching the ground or another surface from where they were emitted from the infectious person’s respiratory tract.

Mode of expulsion: Activities resulting in more forceful expiration (i.e., larger total momentum), such as sneezing, coughing, loud singing and shouting, (As you saw above soon you will see REGULATIONS AGAINST THESE ACTIVITIES.) are known to propel IRPs the farthest;

Evaporation: Following emission from the mouth and/or nose, IRPs of all sizes undergo ENVIRONMENTAL evaporation of some of their water content. IRPs decrease in size and weight at various rates in a common environment. Evaporation rate has an impact on how long particles remain in the air and how far they may be transferred before settling on a surface. The smaller the particle, the longer it is likely to remain in the air, and the further it is likely to travel; THIS IS A REASON FOR TECHNOLOGICAL CLIMATE MANIPULATION.

Environmental conditions: In addition to the above factors for transmission, the ambient air temperature, sunlight, humidity, airflow and size, occupancy and use of the space where IRPs are expelled impact the infectivity, duration, speed of transmission and distance travelled of IRPs;

Concentration of IRPs: With increasing distance from the source.


Be not afraid.  Fear will only harm you in many ways.  Instead, refuse their definitions and their mandates.  I bring this news to you not to make you tremble, but so that you might know how to pray.  Right now your refusal, prayers and fasting cost you relatively little, but in the future it may cost your physical life.

Why does it matter that your refuse their mandates? 

All original design biological life is on the line-destined for annihilation.  We need to come together and pray and fast that God makes a way through His laws for us to survive.

God willing, I am writing a book on the details of this topic, but the fact of the matter is that this is a physical and spiritual war, with many fronts and setbacks.  Setbacks are inevitable for most of us, as the days become darker and more difficult.  Do not get discouraged.  Rather, be of good courage and go forth.





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