Melissa McAttee is a Pfizer whistleblower who worked in quality control at the vaccine plant in McPherson, Kansas, overseeing the production line as a product inspector. Pfizer fired her after her October appearance on Project Veritas.

Melissa is an unassuming, practical, deeply Christian young woman from the Midwest who is precise in her statements and who is also surprisingly commanding.

She made her findings known about the conditions at her facility in an interview with Veniamin, back in December 2021:

Running Time: 40 mins

Based on her own observations of the product and on the scientific analyses of doctors qualified to investigate this matter, she believes that 20% to 30% of the vials distributed contain toxic, deadly ingredients, including graphene oxide and the remainder contain an inert placebo.

She suspects that her plant was involved in producing the toxic vials, because all of the vials from her plant glowed blue with Luciferase under low light conditions. She believes that Luciferase is being added to the toxic vials in order to track the movement of the nefarious substances in the bodies of those unfortunate enough to receive the non-placebos.

She tells Nicholas Veniamin that that she has over 150 images from Pfizer’s database that she says “Would disturb anybody, even the coldest Atheist would probably be disturbed. I’m not withholding things for some power move or anything…I’m just trying to make sure that these documents are…legit, that they’re authentic, that they say what I believe they say…

“When I first found these documents, I needed them verified, because I felt crazy reading them…why are these things in their database and why do I feel like I’m in some horror movie now?..

“It’s crazy. These are crazy people! There are documents talking about Satan and Lucifer. There’s documents planning for mass death from this vaccine – and being OK with it.”

Her lawyers have told her not to display these documents (yet) but she does read from one that refers to: “Luciferase and His protein and when it says that, it’s a capital ‘H’ for ‘His’…like a god. ‘His protein’. That is so odd to me…

“They have a document that I couldn’t open that shows, like a Google Search, like a little section of the document and it says, ‘Satan, in His all-consuming power. Repentance bounds.’ That’s all I can see! Hold on – Am I crazy?”

She tried saving her own Word document to the Pfizer network but was unable to do so. She says, “Somehow, these documents were put into our database and it’s not something that any willy-nilly person can save into the database. That is alarming.

“It’s alarming to me that they were planning for about, I think about 22,000 deaths in a couple of weeks’ time from this vaxxine. And it says that they projected that in nursing homes and it blows my mind and they are literally working with people that are called ‘ReCode’ and it’s called ReCode Therapeutic Medicine. But they want to tell you ‘It doesn’t touch your DNA.’

“In some of these documents, it says that ‘This mRNA enables permanent DNA editing.’ It says that!

“It’s all very alarming and people should be alarmed that they’re not being told these things. Because, it’s one thing that you hear these things and you know them and you choose to go do it. It’s another, when you don’t know what you’re signing up for to put in your body.

“In these graphene oxide emails that I have, that I found very disturbing…This woman reaches out to a couple of communication experts in the company and she says, ‘I trust that all of you are doing well. I’ve received a couple of inquiries the last two days, all wanting to know if the vaccine contains graphene oxide. One specifically asked, ‘If the PEG contains graphene oxide. These inquiries are from HCP and non-HCP,’ which I believe are people in the plant and not in the plant.

“And she says, ‘Does this answer to the question sound OK: A review of the ingredients list on the product label shows that graphene oxide is not part of the formulation; however, Pfizer does not specifically manufacture the COVID-19 vaccine to be free of graphene oxide. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that it is graphene oxide.’

“And they respond with, ‘Well, Politifact has issued a fact-check on this, so let’s just align with the statement.’

“Like, what? And then, the response says, ‘Hi, I just got confirmation that graphene oxide is not in the lipids or PEG,’ which, when I’ve sent that to scientists and other people in the medical field that understand that a little more, they’ve said that’s a strawman argument, it doesn’t need to be in the PEGs or the lipids. It doesn’t need to be in that, for it to be in there…

“So she re-forwarded the question to another person in the plant and said, ‘Hi, I wanted to know if this answer was OK.’ And she copied and pasted the answer again. And he responds with, ‘Hi Sandra, it would obviously be preferred not to add the second sentence, that “we cannot guarantee” but it is our common disclaimer to protect against any ingredients that may be in raw materials that we do not confirm against, in any way. If we had the ability to specifically omit it, we should but it would likely require extensive confirmation from GCMC but I think that the statement is what we should go with for now. Hopefully, our customers would appropriately consider that disclaimer in the right way.’…

“How I understand all of this is, she wants to know if by saying honestly to the people…’We can’t guarantee it’s not in there.’ He says, ‘Um, don’t put that we can’t guarantee it’s not in there. Just say it’s not on the product label.’”

Melissa has this to say to Pfizer:

“I’m coming for you. (Laughs). I’m going to make sure they’re held accountable. Even if they try to take me out, even if they suicide me, throw me in jail, there are enough people with this information, they’re going to be held accountable and I hope that the world is able to see the things I’ve had to see, because I was not against Pfizer. I was not against pharmaceuticals. I am late to the party!..I loved my job.

“I am not some person who’s a crazy person, locked-up for ten years, who’s been antivax. I am here to tell you, the stuff I have changed my perspective. I know it can change other peoples’ and I want to get it out there very bad but I also want to get it out, to where it will be the most impactful and it will be the most effective…because, if we don’t go after the root of this, it’s going to keep growing into a monster.

“If we don’t say, ‘Look what they’re doing,’ and force it in everybody’s face in the world, people are just going to keep on believing the lie that they’re trying to keep you ‘safe’ and ‘healthy’, that they’re trying to ‘stop the spread’ – when that’s not what they’re doing. They’re trying to control you and they’re trying to decrease the population – in my opinion – from reviewing Pfizer documents.”

She says she knows way more people who’ve had negative effects from taking the vaxxine than from COVID-19. “I know so many people that I love that got this [injection], that I’m upset, that I hope it’s the one thing the doctors and scientists are wrong about, that everybody who got it is not going to drop dead within two to five years…

“I look back at January 6th and though there were some stupid people involved that did stupid things, there were over 500,000 people there. I think if they wanted to overthrow and hurt the people inside, they could have. They were 500,000 people there.

“Just think, if we would stand up and say, ‘No!’ If we would quit heeding our neighbors and realize that it’s the person shaking the box we should be mad at, not each other.

“If we rose up and acted together peacefully, if we all showed up, if we got a million people to show up outside the White House or outside Congress, maybe we’d freaking get heard!

“But we’re not and unfortunately, when we do gather in mass numbers, they do plant these seeds in there to ruin it, like January 6th, so that it’s viewed as a terrorist attack…when in reality, we’re trying to protect the People, we’re trying to take back our world, because God didn’t want this for us!..We’re dealing with evil men who want power, money and live forever, quite frankly…

“Look at the Hollywood movies. Do some of them make it feel like they’re mocking us, now? Because there’s…movies like this, right? Like the Government doing evil things, injecting people with a chemical that killed them. These alien beings that are masquerading as people but are evil and are trying to kill the human population. Like, that’s kind of what they are!” she smiles.

“If I didn’t have these documents, I would not believe me but if I’m able to show these things, I hope people would believe me more, which I hope to be able to do very soon.

“Because, as I say, some of these are so outlandish and crazy, that I want to make sure that I’m reading them correctly…I really want the scientists and doctors to really look at this and know the terminology and so they can better relay the information to the People, because I’m not a doctor, I’m not a scientist, I’m just somebody who found the truth. The truth is coming.”





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