I wanted to make sure I left a communication here coming from a place of love and compassion for all those who are following the work of Sabrina Wallace. I want you all to know that I do consider Sabrina a dear friend. Her mission in this world is of incredible value to so many people. My husband Tivon and I have been involved in the free energy industry for 15 years, my husband goes back further, he is a Navy trained engineer and an inventor. We are both targeted individuals and electronic warfare survivors. We have done a lot of of our own work, and wrote a book about it called “Forbidden Tech” back in 2017. In this book we describe a lot of the emerging technologies used to target us, and we did so in the best vernacular we had at the time. We are always researching this information, and we both (Tivon especially) have been reading white papers and following the technology industry for at least 15 years, Tivon has been doing it longer.  We had to flee our country because of the targeting. We both believe in God and God has been the one who saved us and allowed us to build our business making EMF protection products, which is what we do to survive and also help other people.

This morning on Twitter I awoke to find that people on Twitter that are part of this community are using the WBAN information to attack and falsely accuse other people. I wrote a statement there saying that I do not condone people using the WBAN info to attack others who have not done anything wrong. I just wanted to let everyone here know that is the reason why Tivon and I have severed our relationship with “Rumble Dad” or “Nonvaxxer420” or whatever handle he goes by on Twitter these days as his accounts keep getting taken down for harassing people online. He has repeatedly attacked many good people online with false information, and it has created problems in our relationships with others. I can no longer make any more excuses for his behavior, and will not defend him to other people that we are in good healthy relationships with. All Tivon and I are trying to do is help get the information out in a way that average people can understand that is truly all we care about at this point in our journey. If we say something incorrectly, we will humbly correct ourselves. If we don’t know the answer, we will say we don’t know.

We are just trying to add the wealth of information that Sabrina has uncovered to our own knowledge from our life experience and explain it to others who are new to the information about this industry. We firmly believe that communicating information to others in a way that they can comprehend is the most powerful way of helping people to defend themselves against our common enemy. Knowledge truly is power.  Basic relationship management skills are needed in order to properly communicate things to others. In this respect attacking others with the information is the best way to ensure that people ignore you AND YOUR INFORMATION IS THEN DISCREDITED.  We don’t want this to happen. And we especially don’t want this to happen to Sabrina’s amazing testimony of her life’s experiences and research.  This is why we will always strive to be gracious, kind, and unthreatening  in the way that we communicate with some of the people in the “truth movement” that host platforms that have shows with hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of followers.  We have found that if we show ourselves to be friendly, then they will allow us on their platforms, no actually they will seek us out and request that we come onto their platforms where we then get an opportunity to talk about the WBAN. And at that moment we have the freedom to say whatever we want and millions of people will hear it.

To us, our true goal is to make sure the information survives all the personalities of the people around it. The information, which is THE TRUTH, is more important than people’s egos or competitions of “who broke the story first”.  For us, we base this on our firm belief in Jesus, as he said “I AM THE WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE”.  And that is why ensuring that the true information gets communicated is our main goal. Finally we want to say a gracious thank you to those of us who have supported us, shared our videos, and even purchased our products. We work incredibly hard every day to take care of our responsibilities and truly do our best to do what’s right by all of the people who are fighting this battle with us.  May God bless you all.



Below I have posted examples of the harassment. What you are seeing here is “Nonvaxxer420” (Canada) and Corinne Nokel  (Germany) attacking others in the truth movement such as Vaxxchoice who by the way is Lisa McGee, Melissa Mcatee and Todd Callender and others all of whom have been educating people about the WBAN and sharing documents on their platforms. The form of attack is to scream and curse at them and use documents from the industry to bash them over the head with it and falsely claim that these people are “not talking about the WBAN”  when in fact these people are and there is dated video evidence that they are. Another attack which has now been aimed at me, my husband and our business, is to claim that we don’t share documents and all we want to do is “sell products”.   In full disclosure, “Nonvaxxer420” was an affiliate of ours and we paid him quite a large sum of money which he gladly accepted from us only to then start trashing us for “selling products” when we confronted him with his harassment.  I noticed he immediately replaced our affiliate links on his videos with another affiliate link that he is using to sell emfprotection products from the UK.   I’d like to ensure that our story is known, especially to any other affiliates out there that might consider supporting Nonvaxxer, he will most likely take your money then turn around and trash your business just like he did with us. Needless to say this behaviour has ensured that any information that he is trying to share will be blocked by anyone with a significant audience or reach. No one wants to work with him at this point.