US travelers hoping to visit the beautiful beaches of Brazil will have to acquire a visa first beginning in 2025 — meaning they’ll have to share their bank statements with the South American country.

Beginning April 10, 2025, Brazil-bound travelers from the US, Canada and Australia need to be approved for a visa before their trip, CNN reported.

The application includes providing proof of income by either showing their last three checking or savings account statements or their previous six pay stubs, according to the Brazilian government’s website. Those who do not meet the threshold of $2,000 or more will need a sponsor.

American travelers must show bank statements to prove income as part of the visa application.IrynaV –

Fortunately, the application process for an e-visa can be done online rather than at a consulate in person.

The visa fee is $80.90 with a 10-year validity and stays are limited to 90 days per year, the US Consulate in Brazil announced.

Additionally, Americans must provide a letter of intent outlining the duration and purpose of their trip and include information about where they will be staying.

They additionally must prove their US citizenship and show return tickets.

Brazil is reinstating the visa requirement for US tourists, who until 2019 had needed visas, according to CNN.

E-visas were introduced for just one year before the entire system was completely abolished.

Processing times for the Brazil visa system will be an average of five working days but officials “strongly recommend” applying two months before a trip.

hundreds of thousands of Americans visited Brazil in 2023.Leonid Andronov –

The Brazilian Embassy and US State Department did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment.

For Brazilians planning to travel to the US, the process is much more complex, and visa systems between countries typically are established based on reciprocity, CNN reported.

Nearly all Brazilians must schedule an in-person visa appointment at their nearest embassy and prove they have the financial means to afford their planned trip. The visa costs $185.

Between January and September 2023, some 483,000 Americans visited Brazil — second only to its neighbor Argentina, according to TravelPulse.

Last year, the European Union decided to delay its controversial pre-travel program for American travelers, set to begin last May, until 2025 after several roadblocks.

asdfJenna Hidinger Photo –

The European Travel Information and Authorisation System, of ETIAS, will apply to visitors without visas from 60 countries, including the US, UK and Canada.

The program is needed to enter 30 European countries, including Spain, Germany, France and Greece.

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Applicants must provide passport information, and personal info such as their place of birth and their parents’ first names, education level, current occupation, anticipated trip details and any criminal convictions.

It also entails an $8 fee.

ETIAS visas are valid for three years or until your passport expires. Visitors can enter European countries as often as they want for short-term stays — typically for up to 90 days in an 180-day period.





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