Part of a series of amendments being secretly negotiated and set to be put to a vote in late May at the annual World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland.

The United Nations World Health Organization is secretly negotiating a set of amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) that would impose an invasive testing, vaccination and quarantine regimen on international travelers.

Ongoing negotiations on these amendments were kept secret for more than a year until California researcher and journalist James Roguski uncovered the latest draft version of the amendments in February.

In a recent interview, Roguski said these amendments to the International Health Regulations are not so much an attack on national sovereignty as they are a “dangerous expression of national sovereignty.”

Most nations, including the U.S., already claim through various laws to have these invasive powers over their own citizens. What the IHR amendments are about is giving nations these same testing and quarantining powers over foreign nationals who legally enter as a tourist, business traveler or for any other purpose.

Exiting the WHO, as the U.S. did under the presidency of Donald Trump, will also not provide any real answers to this power grab, Roguski explained, stating that “Unless every nation exited the WHO these rules would still apply.”

That’s because the enforcement powers for these invasive methods are being given to nations not to exercise over their own citizens but over the citizens of every other country who are entering as foreign travelers.

The proposed amendments would include adding the terminology for so-called conveyance operators, which includes operators of planes, trains, subways, cruise lines, buses, etc.

These operators, both public and private, would have to comply with “health measures which may include isolation and quarantine as required, for application on board as well and embarkation and disembarkation.” That means you could be confronted both getting on and getting off of a plane, cruise ship or train, and asked to take a PCR test, or to show proof of vaccination against whatever disease they are looking for.


Proposed changes to Article 27 of the IHR’s would add the words “and quarantine” to the powers already granted at ports of entry.

“So, the concern is that if you are traveling, they want to be able to make you take a test, and if you want to get off the cruise boat or plane, they may make you go into quarantine…It essentially says they can compel the traveler to undergo vaccination or other prophylaxis.”

The next series of meetings for the IHR working group is April 22-26, where they will continue to negotiate, in secret, these draft amendments. The plan is to have them ready for approval by the WHO’s World Health Assembly in the final week of May.

“In my opinion, adding more authority to nations to quarantine travelers, test and vaccinate people, is very dangerous. Especially with vaccines that don’t work and tests that are fraudulent,” Roguski said.

He says awareness is key to defeating this power grab.

“Identify your allies, don’t try to convince anyone who doesn’t want to know. It doesn’t take a lot. Become aware, make your own video, share. 99 percent of people are not going to comprehend the issue, and that’s OK. You’re looking for allies and I’m here to tell you there are millions of us who have had enough.

“They’re trying to have secret negotiations to change international law on the right to quarantine people who travel based on vaccines or tests.”

On the surface this might not sound so bad. It might even sound good to some gullible ears. But when you realize we are talking about unsafe and ineffective genetics-based vaccines and fraudulent PCR tests, it becomes a tyrant’s dream, and a freedom-lover’s nightmare.





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