Almost 15 years ago Jacob Nordangård began researching the politics behind climate change. Sceptical scientists were being discredited with accusations that they were paid by oil companies to discredit anthropogenic global warming.  Nordangård set out to establish if this was indeed the case. But he discovered something else instead.

In 2008 in his quest to establish if scientists who questioned the climate change narrative were funded by oil companies, Nordangård found these allegations, with a few notable exceptions, were unfounded. But what he did uncover, surprised him.

“I, instead, much to my surprise, found that oil companies were actually pumping money into projects which embraced Al Gore’s doomsday message! And had done so since early 1960s!” he said.

This led to questions such as where did the idea of a climate change threat come from, where did it start?  He couldn’t find an answer.

“No one at the Centre for Climate Science and Policy Research (to which I was affiliated at the time) knew,” he said. “There were many who did research on climate-related issues without having the faintest idea about the origin of their mission. But if the [United Nations] had declared that it is a crucial issue for humanity it must be true, seemed to be their reasoning; “everyone thinks so.” There were always references to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The debate was over.”

Unanswered questions led Nordangård to do further research.  In a book published by the Royal Institute of International Affairs (commonly known as Chatham House) he found information relating to the development of climate change as it is sold to us today.

“A few key events were listed, which I used as a starting point: the International Geophysical Year 1957-58; a climate conference organised by the Conservation Foundation in 1963; the UN Conference on the Human Environment in Stockholm in 1972; and the Conferences in Villach, Austria in the first half of the 1980s,” he said.

He was able to discover which actors were involved, what documents they used, who financed them and what policy suggestions they came up with to solve the alleged climate change problem.

He originally planned to write a 5-page essay on his research.  However, the 5 pages turned into almost 50.

“The result was surprising and somewhat shocking. A clear pattern emerged. I knew it would be controversial to communicate these findings. They contradicted the views preached by the believers. Especially concerning the fact that a number of U.S. oil billionaires had gotten involved at an early stage. This was especially the case with most prominent oil family of them all. The founders of Standard Oil/Exxon. The Rockefellers,” he said.

He included his findings in his doctoral thesis which was published in 2012. It “struck down like a bomb,” he said.

In 2016, he delved deeper.  The result was the first edition of his 456-page book ‘Rockefeller: Controlling the game’ (2019).  The book was published in Swedish.  Yesterday his book was released in English.

The book follows the family from the founding of Standard Oil and the Rockefeller Foundation, up through the aftermath of the Paris Agreement, with the declaration of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in January 2016, to the present day.

It answers the questions: Why had the Rockefeller family funded and influenced climate research since the 1950s and helped shape climate policy since the 1980s? And why did Rockefeller Brothers Fund in 2014 announce that they would divest from all of their fossil energy holdings? Why attack the very industry on which their immense wealth was founded? What was their motive in their own words – and how did it all begin?

As Nordangård proves in his book, the Rockefeller family’s long-standing battle against climate change contains elements of sophisticated propaganda techniques, futurism and New Age philosophy, aiming at a complete transformation of the whole earth system, including economy, ecology, culture and even humanity itself.

You can purchase a copy of the English version of ‘Rockefeller: Controlling the game’ HERE.





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