Advances in artificial intelligence have opened Pandora’s Box for all manner of abuses…Take the challenge and see if you are able to discern the real people from the fake ones

A new AI-generated algorithm is causing quite a stir on social media after a fake ad was posted featuring a hyper-realistic young woman sitting in a car ranting about men’s hygiene.

According to, there are already 15 apps and websites available to the public that are capable of generating deep-fake videos. We’re talking about lifelike characters who appear human in all aspects of their delivery, but are actually AI-generated.

One of them is Arcads. Its website states, “Arcads is an AI-powered tool that transforms text into high-quality, emotionally resonant video ads. It uses advanced AI algorithms to generate authentic, realistic videos, all from the input text you provide.”

The company says, “The AI presenters in the videos are designed to appear realistic and engaging.”

As noted by some users on X, the videos rely on real people. For example, as seen with the woman in the video below, she is real and her name is Ariel, and she can be contracted for hire on Fiverr. But her interaction with viewers in the video is totally fake.

Arcads has the licensing rights from these actors to use their likeness.

AI ad generator Alex Cooper explains how it works in the video below, challenging us to choose which actors are real and which are fake. I failed miserably. Let me know in the comments under this article how you fared!

So, half of those six people you saw in the above video were AI generated, modeled after the likeness of real people but not actually real. It doesn’t take an active imagination to see where this is heading with the potential for all sorts of fakery and abuses. Politicians or religious leaders could be presented calling for incendiary, even violent actions by their followers. A vindictive person or group could steal someone’s likeness and create what’s called “deep porn” featuring an innocent person in a pornographic video. You can find loads of “How To” tutorials with a simple internet search that will show you how to create the most convincing deep-fake videos.

In fact, I would say you should count on people being abused by this technology in the near future, and then the authoritarian “gatekeepers” will have an excuse to digitally mark everyone, requiring a biometric digital ID just to log onto the Internet and verify one’s identity. That’s classic Hegelian dialectic. Create the problem, foment a backlash, then swoop in with the solution, which was the end-game all along, to usher us into a 100-percent controlled society.





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