A new study has been published regarding the “Strategies for reducing the risks of mRNA drug and vaccine toxicity.” but in contrast to other articles about “Covid” or the Covid jabs which have been open to the public, has been hidden from public reading. “Is this because there is something in it that may enrage people and make them want to hold those responsible accountable?” asks biomedical scientist, Dr Lidiya Angelova who has analysed the study after she was able to obtain it. Following her analysis she found that there is ‘no data to two major issues that could have fatal consequences” and as many of us have known from the outset, she says “Covid vaccines should never be given to a humans.”

Unfortunately, as the former President of the U.S. Barrack Obama recently admitted at the Stanford Cyber Policy Center “We’ve now essentially, clinically tested the vaccine on billions of people worldwide.” Obama, is also therefore admitting that world leaders and their minions who were and still are touting the “safe and effective” line, were lying, as many of us knew. Others, however, trusted their words resulting in 70% of people worldwide being coerced into taking these Covid mRNA products, a previously untested technology, becoming the lab rats in the” biggest human experiment ever.”

Dr Dr Lidiya Angelova’s analysis of: “Strategies to reduce the risks of mRNA drug and vaccine toxicity” follows below she asks that we share this article. People deserve to know the truth!-

“Strategies to reduce the risks of mRNA drug and vaccine toxicity” – Explaining the review.

A few weeks ago, a new scientific review article with an intriguing title was published. Its title is “Strategies for reducing the risks of mRNA drug and vaccine toxicity.” Since we had previously been informed that mRNA product toxicity did not exist, the review’s mention of it has generated interest. Yet, in contrast to all other articles about COVID-19 and vaccinations, this one was not made available for public reading, despite its significance.

Is it because there is something in it that should be kept hidden from the general public because it may enrage people and make them want to hold those responsible accountable?

Through a close connection, who has access to all scientific articles, I was able to receive the PDF file. I examined it and made an analysis.

What have I discovered?

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According to the review, mRNA products like COVID-19 vaccines are experimental and come with a lot of unknowns and concerns. This is the precise phrase taken from the article: “The clinical use of mRNA in vaccines and drugs is relatively new, which raises important safety concerns that need to be addressed.

Key points 👇

🔴 mRNAs used to create functional proteins and lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) may cause toxicities. Repeat dosing raises further toxicological concerns.

🔴 Nanoparticles in vaccines may increase the severity of reactogenicity (unexpected adverse reactions), potentially leading to more serious side effects.

The immune system is disrupted!

🔴 Nanoparticles may cause allergic reactions in susceptible individuals, demonstrating the importance of conducting a thorough evaluation of allergic potential.

🔴 Nanoparticles could trigger the immune system, resulting in an exaggerated response upon after exposure, which requires a careful assessment of immune overactivity.

🔴 Systemic complement immune responses can cause inflammation and tissue damage, necessitating an in-depth assessment of the potential for nanoparticle-induced inflammation.

🔴 LNP-mRNA has a unique effect on the innate immune system through inflammasome activation.

💡Inflammasomes are large protein complexes that play a major role in sensing inflammatory signals and triggering the innate immune response. Aberrant inflammasome activation and activity contribute to the development of diabetes, cancer, and several cardiovascular and neurodegenerative disorders.

💡The innate immune system (“rapid action force”) is present from birth and responds immediately (within minutes) of sensing the enemy (microbe). In contrast, the adaptive immune system is slow to respond (after days to weeks of exposure) to microbes and comprises responses learned from prior exposure to a microbial antigen; they are not present from birth.

🔴 Toll-like receptor (TLR) activation and the release of pro-inflammatory cytokines are common LNP-mRNA effects on the innate immune system, which can have serious consequences and disrupt protein translation.

🔴 LNP-mRNA can cause hypersensitivity reactions (HSRs), which can manifest as severe anaphylaxis, myocarditis, throat swelling, respiratory failure, or hemodynamic changes, among other symptoms. PEGylated lipid is currently the most potentially reactogenic component.

There is no data on two major issues that could have fatal consequences, yet 70% of humans were coerced into using these products and serving as lab rats.

💡Check out the exact text and explanation below.

Toxicodynamics of Extracellular LNP-mRNA: Only 1–2% of LNP-mRNA enters cells. The pathogenic potential of the remaining 98% is overlooked. It can trigger unintended immune responses, especially in the liver, where these particles accumulate. The disintegration of these particles outside cells is poorly understood, and it may result in toxic byproducts such as aldehydes.

Particulate LNP-mRNA toxicity: Different mRNA cargos have different effects on the structure and function of LNPs, which could impact their safety and efficacy. The interaction of LNPs with biological components can change their composition and behavior, influencing how they interact with cells and the immune system. Understanding these properties is critical to determining the safety and efficacy of LNP-mRNA-based therapies.


This review simply confirms what I and some other scientists have warned about since 2020. So-called COVID-19 vaccines are based on untested technology that triggers cells to produce foreign proteins which interfere with cell function.

The LNP-mRNA has many unknown effects on the body.

COVID-19 vaccines should never be given to humans, as has been known since the technology’s initial tests.

The authors were quite brave to publish this entire work, indicating that not all in science is lost, but the fact that this study in particular is not open indicates that they want to cover it up because it does not fit the narrative. I wouldn’t be surprised if later is withdrawn.

Source: Dr Lidiya Angelova

Source:  https://expose-news.com/2024/03/20/new-study-of-mrna-toxicity-which-shows-issues-that-could-have-fatal-consequences-was-hidden/

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