According to this new story by Michael Snyder over at the Economic Collapse Blog, the average American household is now spending $1,019 a month MORE on goods and services than we were just 3 years ago, with the average American family incomes per month during that same time period definitely not keeping up with that jump.

With a related story at the Daily Mail (saved here at Archive) from February 14th reporting US households are now spending an average of $1,080 every month on food and other critical supplies such as toilet paper, etc., with money spent upon weekly grocery shopping trips ranging from $221.46 a week to $297.72 per week depending upon where one lives as seen in the map below taken from that story, as the top-voted comment from the Daily Mail story clearly pointed out, “Our groceries average about $1500 a month on essentials. It was on average $700 just three years ago.”

With the next top-voted comment squarely hitting the nail on the head with “BlDENFLATlON HAS DESTROYED THE NATION,” as the next top-voted comment pointed out, “The USA will literally do anything and everything in their power to keep the poor as poor as possible. Yay us” while others pointed out, “Simply put, it shouldn’t cost a small fortune to feed ourselves. Only in the good ole US of A. We cannot afford Biden. But then, no politician really cares about the rampant inflation most Americans are facing.

And with that last comment perfectly putting the blame where the blame is due, upon not only JB but ALL of the ’empty suits’ that ‘occupy’ Washington DC, from both political parties because we sure haven’t seen any Republican politicians stepping to the plate and stomping out this growing madness,  another one of the top-voted comments fits in perfectly with the commenters here at ANP:

“Just came from the grocery store. Frozen pineapple is $7! Fresh strawberries are $7! A box of no salt chicken stock. $4! Cat food. $3 a can! FJB and all the dead that voted for him.”

As Michael Snyder pointed out in his story at the Economic Collapse Blog, these exploding prices on food and other ‘necessities’ keep exploding, with one commenter from a popular web forum angry that their weekly shopping expenditures have skyrocketed from $100 a week to over $250 a week in no time.

And as Susan Duclos had pointed out just days ago in this story on ANP, those prices are forecast to keep going up, with beef prices expected to go up 30% or more in 2024. Briefly, from this Economic Collapse Blog story, we hear one person’s story and feel their anger.:

$100 used to be the total, when we really stocked up or picked some extras. 

Prices started climbing and we trimmed the extras, it hit $120-130. 

At $150 we started b!tching. 

A month ago it hit $180. Hell it may have only been two weeks since we hit $180. 

Today it was $250 and we didn’t even get everything.

A story that almost everyone can probably relate to with the average grocery spending seen in the map above showing that residents of every US state are now spending an average of well over $200 a week, meaning just about every household in America is now spending over $1,000 a month on foods, just to survive, we had warned on ANP all the way back on December 28th of 2018 that according to the Deagel Report’s 2025 forecast, America would be a 3rd world nation by the year 2025.

Largely due to our ‘purchase power parity’ (PPP) being forecast to tumble from $59,500 in 2017 to only $16,374 in 2025, in comparison, we also reported back in 2018 that the purchase power parity (PPP) of Venezuela in 2017 was only $9,132, and there, the people were eating cats, dogs and zoo animals just to survive.

And while thankfully, we here in the ‘good ole USA’ haven’t yet fallen to those depths, as we’d bluntly warned in this May 17th of 2023 ANP story, we were rapidly being herded in that direction. And while the weekly grocery store expenditures pointed out in the map above seem staggering, the globalist government in Washington DC, working on ‘depopulation,’ still has a long way to go to meet their overall goals.

As we’d warned in this May of 2023 ANP story, according to a video from Epic Economist titled “20 Facts That Prove American Families Are Being Completely Crushed By Rising Prices,” we’re well on our way to an economic crisis of epic proportions as Michael Snyder had also warned in this February 15th story at the Economic Collapse Blog. The discussion below is from this May of 2023 Epic Economist video discussing what huge chunks of America are now going through.

Higher mortgages, rents, car payments, grocery bills, and monthly expenses are financially draining U.S. households at a breathtaking pace. The cost of living continues to rise much faster than our salaries, and our purchasing power isn’t the same as it used to be just a few years back. Today we’re paying more for everything and consuming way less than we have historically. At this point, the overwhelming majority of Americans are stressed about money, and that may not change anytime soon. 

We’re coping with increasing responsibilities at work but we’re not being compensated accordingly. Adding all that to a scenario of inflation and the threat of another severe recession and we understand why even middle-and-upper-income earners are going broke, while low-income families are buried up to their heads in debt. This is America today, and we’re being warned that many more challenges are still ahead.

Leaving most Americans struggling just to keep our heads above the water, including Susan and I here at ANP, who have seen our income absolutely tumble due largely to reporting the truth that the globalists don’t want people to hear and running stories every day that are totally contradictory to the ‘globalists narrative,’ we cannot thank ANP readers enough for your donations, as they are truly what are keeping us online at this moment. We wouldn’t be here without you.

Yet we, like so many others, are forced to put off things that absolutely need to be taken care of and would have been seen as ’emergencies’ in the past; things like getting our truck’s brake line fixed, purchasing medications that have become unaffordable and getting teeth pulled that absolutely need to one day be removed but now, rent, electricity, internet, food and car insurance absolutely must come first.

And we’re definitely not alone but in a ‘flat-broke‘ majority now. As USA Today had reported back in January of 2024, over 50% of Americans are unable to afford to pay for a $1,000 ’emergency’ in this day and age we’re living in, where in the past, things such as getting our brake lines fixed would have been handled immediately.

And as Michael Snyder confirms in this February 19th story titled “This Is A Tale Of Two Americas, And Those At The Bottom Of The Economic Food Chain Are Being Hit Extremely Hard,” Susan and I are ‘the lucky ones’ in that we still do have a roof over our heads and food on the table, even though we can’t take care of ’emergencies,’ as so many people don’t even have those ‘necessities’.

Another reason why Susan and I are so incredibly grateful to simply be alive right now and have this opportunity to ‘fight the good fight’ when this world is tumbling down all around us, while governments are more than happy to give away $10,000 prepaid (and reloadable?) debit cards to the ‘criminal invaders’ invited into this land, as Michael Snyder warns in this storyfor most of the country, things are not going so well. 

Homelessness has been rising at the fastest rate we have ever seen, crime is out of control all over the nation, and large companies are laying off workers at a very frightening pace. 

If you live in the version of America that is still living the high life, good for you. But if you live in the version of America that the rest of us live in, conditions are rapidly deteriorating.

While the elite are swimming in money, homelessness in the U.S. has reached “the highest level on record” and it also has been rising at the fastest pace ever recorded. The following comes from the Wall Street Journal… 

The U.S. count of homeless people surged to the highest level on record, reaching more than 653,000 people early this year as Covid-19 pandemic-aid spending faded, new federal data show. 

The increase reflects a collision of factors: rising housing costs; limited affordable housing units; the opioid epidemic; and the expired pandemic-era aid that had helped keep people in their homes, federal officials said Friday. A surge of migrants into shelters in places such as New York City, Massachusetts and Chicago also contributed to the challenge. 

The data released by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development show a 12% gain since last year, marking both the biggest increase and highest tally since the U.S. first published comparable data for 2007. 

Homelessness didn’t even increase this fast during the Great Recession of 2008 and 2009. 

On top of those that are living in the streets, millions of other Americans are living in cars, trucks, vans and RVs.

And seemingly right on time, with America and so much of the world falling apart all around us, as Susan Duclos had pointed out in this February 22nd story on ANP, the globalists are now pushing ‘cannibalism’ in our faces, attempting to ‘normalize’ a behavior that should NEVER be considered ‘normal’ in a civilized society like America once was, and is supposed to be.

As if these globalists who put out stories such as this New Scientist piece know that ‘events’ lay before us that would leave people eating each other just to survive, we pray that all of our readers are well prepared for whatever may be ahead for us in the coming days with our own government quite literally ‘sacrificing’ the American people who pay their salaries, while they continue to enrich themselves at our expense and they spend the tax money paid by Americans to take care of our replacements.




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