Former Air Force Major Thomas Haviland surveyed embalmers in 2022 about unusual clots being found in the bodies of vaccinated deceased.  Haviland did a second survey for 2023.

While reviewing and commenting on the latest survey results, A Midwestern Doctor gives possible mechanisms for how these clots are forming and discusses why corporate media and “the science” remain silent.

“Given how many people are seeing these clots and how much concern still exists about them, it is remarkable that our entire scientific apparatus has blacklisted any research being conducted on it,” A Midwestern Doctor writes.

And much like corporate media, “the scientific press … will never cover stories which threaten the pharmaceutical sponsors who fund the medical journals.”

In November 2022, A Midwestern Doctor (“AMD”) published an article discussing the inexplicable blood clots being found within the vaccinated by embalmers across the world.  These blood clots attracted the public’s attention because their long elastic quality was very different from what was typically observed within the body.

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In December 2022,  Ryan Cole provided proof on The Highwire that these clots do exist and discussed exactly what was within them.

One of the most comprehensive videos AMD has seen on this topic was a Peak Podcast where host Chris Martenson interviewed embalmers and discussed the results of a survey that was sent out to 30 state funeral directors and embalmer associations across the USA, as well as approximately 800 funeral homes.

The survey was conducted by former Air Force Major Thomas Haviland.  He lost his lucrative defence contracting job in 2021 for refusing the mandated vaccine. Haviland then set out to verify the claims of unusual clots by surveying embalmers globally on what they were witnessing in their work so he could quantify how widespread this phenomenon had become.

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Peak Prosperity: Covid-19 Vaccines Cause Unusual Blood Clots? – Expert Talk, 18 January 2023 (46 mins)

Last week, Richard Hirschmann, the embalmer who played a pivotal role in bringing the public’s attention to these clots, shared a video on Twitter.  His tweet is being censored and cannot be viewed outside of Twitter.  Twitter has labelled it as “age-restricted adult content” and to view it, users are required to add a birthdate to their profile if they haven’t already done so.  However, in an article published yesterday in a follow-up to the November 2022 article, AMD has embedded the video that accompanied Hirschmann’s tweet.

In the November 2022 article, AMD argued that two separate processes were at work in the formation of these clots: misfolded proteins caused by spike proteins and Zeta potential.  In the latest article, AMD recapped the first article:

The remainder of our article is a pared-down version of AMD’s latest article Embalmers are Still Finding Mysterious Clots in the Vaccinated’.  Haviland has completed a second survey of embalmers for 2023 – the first, for 2022, was discussed in the Peak Podcast above.  AMD’s article yesterday is a follow-on from AMD’s article about the 2022 survey results, incorporating everything that has been learned since.

Why the Clots Cover-up?

One of the most common strategies the ruling class uses to control the population is to establish a rigid series of hierarchies in the society and then buy out every party at the top of the hierarchy, as this provides a fairly cost-effective way to monopolise truth within the society (e.g., you can only practice medicine if you have a medical license, the public is taught to highly trust whatever doctors tell them, and a lot of work is invested to assure that doctors comply with the dictates of medical industry).

For example, we have been conditioned to believe news is not credible unless it comes from an authoritative source (e.g., a major news outlet). As you might expect, almost all the media companies in the USA are owned by six corporations, their CEOs all belong to similar groups (e.g., the World Economic Forum) and they consistently only promote the ruling class’s narrative regardless of how much it flies in the face of reality.

Similarly, we have been conditioned to believe science is only valid if it is endorsed by a credible scientific publication, but since those publications are funded by industry they will only report results which support their sponsors. This, in turn, resulted in an almost complete censorship of the harms of the covid [vaccine] throughout the scientific literature and ridiculous, and sometimes overtly fraudulent, articles being published that debunked the use of any competing treatment for covid (e.g., ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine).

Because of how over-the-top the censorship was during covid, the public realised how much we were being exploited by these monopolies and attempted to find ways to get to the truth that were outside this rigid hierarchy. That for example is why the alternative media took off during the pandemic – and reciprocally why many “professional” journalists are now being laid off. Likewise, independent science flourished as many citizens realised the only way the data on the dangers of the vaccines could get out was if the medical journals were bypassed entirely.

Since admitting the existence of those fibrous clots would also be extremely damaging for the vaccine narrative, it was a forgone conclusion no medical journal would publish anything on the subject. Fortunately, a group of citizen scientists led by former USAF Major Tom Haviland – who was forced to retire after 16 years of post-military work as an electrical engineer for a defence contractor because of Biden’s vaccine mandate – decided to take on the project themselves and trust the alternative media would promote what they found.

The Embalmer’s Survey

Their idea was relatively simple, put together a detailed survey about the blood clots, send it to embalmers around the country – along with people outside the United States – and see what they said.

In the first go of this last year, 800 funeral homes were contacted along with 30 state funeral directors’ associations who were asked to forward the survey to their members.

In the second go, 1,700 funeral homes and 50 state or national associations were emailed.  Not surprisingly, this resulted in more responses coming from the Midwest, as people there were not as ideologically committed to defending the vaccines.

As the results were compelling (and as Hirschman demonstrated above the blood clots have not gone away), this inspired Haviland’s team to redo the survey this year and again share the results. This was an important step because one of the key standards for determining truth in science is “reproducibility” and if the results were consistent, that would strengthen the case this is indeed a real phenomenon.

2022 vs. 2023

As you can see, these results are relatively consistent, which indicates suggests this really happening. Additionally, it appears the clots have gotten a bit rarer, which would be expected since the vaccination rate is decreasing and some of those who had the clots are now deceased.

Now let’s look at the other results.

The 2022 Survey

The results above suggest the clots were due to the spike protein and more likely to be caused by the vaccines as they put more of the spike protein into the body than covid.

The jugular and femoral veins are the most common sites embalmers use to access the body which is why the fibrous clots are likely predominantly being observed there. Additionally, a good case can be made that jugular vein and iliac vein (which the femoral vein feeds into) being compressed leads to a variety of chronic illnesses (e.g., the documentary in THIS article discusses how jugular vein obstruction can lead to Multiple Sclerosis while THIS article discusses how iliac vein compression is commonly seen in covid vaccine injuries).

While not quite the same question, the answers above are somewhat consistent with each other and suggest that the increase in traditional blood clots was at least in part due to covid infections.

The 2023 Survey

Note: The question above unfortunately did not have a comparative to 2019 and earlier.

There is some evidence to link each of the causes of infant deaths listed to the covid vaccines. Conversely, there is a lot of evidence spanning a century linking sudden infant death syndrome (“SIDS”) to the routine childhood vaccines, which led many to correctly predict that the 2020 covid lockdowns would lead to an unprecedented drop in SIDS.  This was subsequently also confirmed by the FL infant death rate dropping in 2021 – distrust over the covid vaccines made Florida parents skip routine childhood vaccinations. Because of these two competing trends and all infant deaths being compared between 2019 to 2023, it’s hard to interpret this data. Nonetheless, an overall increase in deaths did appear to result from covid vaccination.

The final question from the 2023 survey (below) is probably one of the most interesting ones to ponder as there are a variety of ways to interpret it.


Given how many people are seeing these clots and how much concern still exists about them, it is remarkable that our entire scientific apparatus has blacklisted any research being conducted on them.On one hand, I think this degree of censorship is tragic, but on the other, I see it as arguably being a good thing since the misconduct by the scientific establishment has been so egregious, it has started to encourage the public to break free from their information monopoly.

For example, before covid, the average article in the top medical journals received around 10,000 views, while during the pandemic, covid related articles experienced a traffic spike and averaged an unprecedented 117,341 views per article. In contrast, Hirschman’s video got 20,500,000 views and even a nobody like me gets between 50,000-150,000 views per article.

This is almost identical to the loss in viewership the mainstream media is facing as the alternative media eclipses it. For example, the major networks receive between 400,000 to 3,000,000 views during prime time, yet Tucker Carlson’s interviews with Vladimir PutinDonald TrumpAndrew TateJavier Milei, and Victor Orban over the last six months have each received between 100-400 million impressions, making each one arguably the most watched interview in history.

While Tucker is presently the most successful independent broadcaster, he’s not the only person who receives more views than the media conglomerates (e.g., Joe Rogan does too).

All of us believe that corporate media is between a rock and a hard place.  To survive it needs to do real journalism and publish the truth to regain its viewers, but if it does that, then it will lose the corporate sponsorship which sustains the industry (e.g., by bribing the media through advertisement money to not cover stories which cast its sponsors in a bad light).

I believe this is identical to what’s happening with the scientific press, which likewise will never cover stories which threaten the pharmaceutical sponsors who fund the medical journals.

If you take a step back, it is incredulous to believe no one is covering the biggest news story of our time, the “unexplained” spike in excessive death. To put that into context, in the first 9 months of 2023, 158,000 Americans who should still be alive died – which for reference is significantly greater than the total number of American deaths from every war America has been involved in since World War II.

On one hand, corporate media’s unwillingness to cover this illustrates just how much the corrosive corruption within our society has been allowed to fester. On the other, it also illustrates the cyclical nature of society; once corruption goes too far, it eventually inspires a public revolt (e.g., people abandoning both the scientific and popular press).

In turn, I believe we are presently in the situation foretold by the classic fable the goose that laid the golden eggs. Like the owners of that goose – who, not satisfied with the prosperity of the single golden egg it laid each day, decided to cut it open and extract all of them, only to discover none were inside – I believe the pharmaceutical industry shot itself in the foot by allowing their unchecked greed throughout the pandemic to facilitate conduct that was so egregious it awoke the general public to their predatory businesses model and hence “killed their golden goose.”

I am thus immensely grateful that independent journalism and science were able to flourish throughout covid, and I thank each of you for doing your part to help make that possible. Were it not for a large contingent of the public (e.g., you) helping support the independent voices, dedicated individuals like Haviland, and brave whistleblowers (e.g., embalmers Richard HirschmanAnna Foster, funeral home directors John O’Looney and Chad Whisnat, and the countless people who spoke out about what actually happened within the covid vaccine trials) none of it could have ever happened.

Read the full article ‘Embalmers are Still Finding Mysterious Clots in the Vaccinated’ by A Midwestern Doctor HERE.





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