A Tempe, Arizona, neighborhood has been named “Culdesac” and is America’s first example of a 15-minute city, a vision of the World Economic Forum and the globalist cult, who are pitching the concept as being more environmentally friendly. Instead of seeing this development as a dystopian nightmare, Culdesac residents appear to be thrilled at their new way of life, do they have any idea what they have in store for them?

A 15-minute city is a SMART City in an urban environment with omnipresent surveillance and data harvesting technologies that will monitor and record even the most intimate, personal details of every individual inhabiting it.

The globalist goal is to collect the data of every individual and will know:

  • What they eat and drink,
  • Where they go,
  • What they buy,
  • Who they meet,
  • What they think and feel
  • Their opinions and habits
  • Their health and vaccination status. Etc, etc..

In other words, every little detail, and as the oft-quoted Noah Yuval Harari has said, those who own that data will know you better than you know yourself. Yet this all-encompassing surveillance has been justified as we are told that it will be essential for the future of the planet, and to save it from “climate change.”

They also guarantee it will make your life more connected, safer, and healthier and it looks like the Culdesac residents have bought the idea.

12 News report promoted the community as helping with sustainability which includes them giving up their own vehicles as Culdesac is the first community in the nation to be designed around car-free living, but instead of being unhappy about this, the report showed a Culdesac employee who seemed to be thrilled about the alternate transportation provided in the neighborhood du to gas vehicles being prohibited from the area.

The employee told 12 News “Residents can own one [a car] as long as it’s not parked on site. “Can you imagine living on top of your grocery store?” the employee asked the news outlet.

“What’s the appeal of living on top of a grocery store?” asked the People’s voice” who say that “of course, the development will be used to push similar Agenda 2030 nightmare neighborhoods across America.”

A more recent report by NBC News promoted the car-free community to a national audience, talking with Culdesac co-founder Ryan Johnson, who claimed, “Every generation and including 90% of Gen Z would like to pay more to live in a walkable neighborhood.”

Do they know what their “walkable neighbourhood” is really all about though? While they may be thinking that it is like a scene from a 1950s movie, with white picket fences and all, or at its worst, it would be more akin to “Nosedive” an episode of Black Mirror. However, as the creator of Black Mirror states, is “satire, on acceptance, and the images we like to portray and project to others” and he says “it is basically, the world we live in.”

The Chinese Social Credit System.

We cannot even say that 15-minute cities, will be like China’s Social Credit System (SCS), which is “a policy project that aims to incentivize lawful, honest behavior and expand financial services.”

The term “Social Credit System” is problematic for various reasons. One, it makes the policy plan sound like a singular, coherent entity, when really it’s a “hodgepodge of public administration and legal reform initiatives”, as Ocean University of China associate professor Xin Dai puts it in his award-winning paper on the topic.

However, a social credit system despite being on the totalitarian spectrum, cannot be compared to the “hodgepodge of public administration and legal reform initiatives that the global cult has planned for us.

Most of us are aware of this, however, it is clear by the optimistic attitude of the Culdesac residents, that many more need to be made aware. The following information is from Stop World Control. Source

15 Minute Cities

According to Stop World Control, every aspect of life in a Smart City will be monitored by a wide variety of data-harvesting technologies:

  • SMART Lights
  • SMART Poles
  • SMART Cars
  • SMART Neighborhoods
  • SMART Homes
  • SMART Appliances
  • SMART Energy
  • SMART Transportation and many other SMART technologies.
  • Together they will form an omnipresent surveillance grid, continually collecting all information about every little detail of the life of the people. Source

Smart Cities create the
Internet of Bodies

internet of bodies

These external SMART devices are being synchronized with devices that are directly connected to the human body, like SMART watches on our wrists or SMART phones in our hands. These devices are able to gather information about what is happening inside our body and even have the ability to alter functions of the human body. In the near future, they will be implanted inside the human body to collect even more data and have a lot more influence on what happens inside of us.

The personal information gathered by these billions of devices worldwide form a network called the Internet of Bodies, or in short, IoB. Currently we are all familiar with the Internet of Things (IoT), which allows us to access unlimited information about everything. The Internet of Bodies will essentially be the same, except it will gather all the personal, most intimate information about everybody. This data will be in the hands of global corporations, governments, banking imperiums, etc. Source

A Smart City limits your movement

smart city surveillance

In order to make sure that everyone remains within the perimeter of data harvesting, movement in Smart Cities will be limited to 15 – 20 minutes from home. This concept has coined the phrase “15 Minute Cities” and is being promoted as the best idea ever for saving the planet from climate change. Everything you need will be made available within a short distance, so no one ever needs to go beyond that perimeter. For longer distances, a permit will be required.

On top of this, 30% of all wilderness areas will be closed off as an encouragement for people to seek their happiness inside the Smart Cities instead of venturing into the majestic outdoors. Virtual realities are being created as an alternative to spending time in nature. Examples are the MetaVerse and all its alternatives. Again, a “wonderful idea to save the planet”: lock the world population up inside Smart Cities, where they “enjoy life” in a virtual realm.Source

There is zero privacy in
a Smart City

smart city privacy

The World Economic Forum wrote an article on Forbes.com that describes the experience of a citizen inside a Smart City, who praises it as heaven on earth: “How come we never thought of this before?” One of the characteristics will be that no one will own anything. Everything will be shared: homes, cars, tools, cars, even clothes. At the end of the post, the citizen expresses one concern about life in a Smart City:

“Once in a while I get annoyed about the fact that I have no real privacy. Nowhere I can go and not be registered. I know that somewhere, everything I do, think and dream of is recorded. I just hope that nobody will use it against me. All in all, it is a good life.”

The central nervous system of Smart Cities will be 5G. According to former Chilean president Sebastián Piñera, 5G is not only able to read our thoughts but can also insert thoughts and emotions into everyone. He stated that it will become the central nervous system of society, and he guaranteed that they will make sure it reaches every home in the country. Interestingly, all streetlights in Smart Cities are also concealed 5G antennas. Source

Smart Cities harvest everyone’s data

smart city surveillance data harvesting

Why do they want everyone to live in Smart Cities, and what is their motivation behind recording every little detail about all of us? The answer is given by Israeli professor Yuval Noah Harari, who is an advisor to the World Economic Forum. He explains:

“The new masters of the world will be those that own the data.”

The wealth of today is no longer gold or oil. It is data. The more data a corporation, government, or banking imperium has about the population, the more power it affords them. Smart Cities will be an unprecedented way to use humanity as one massive herd of data cows.

Personal data will be milked from us all day long, and even while we sleep.

Apart from gathering tremendous amounts of data, these technologies also allow for levels of control that are unheard of in previous civilizations. A former Silicon Valley engineer, Aman Jabbi, is sounding the alarm that Smart Cities will essentially be open concentration camps:

“By giving them your data, you give them the ability to monitor and assess your behavior, which can now be converted into a social credit score. That score is then used to determine what privileges you qualify for and which ones you don’t in the new slave society.”

This social credit score is already being deployed in China, and during the 2020 pandemic, many nations implemented the first steps toward this system of control. Digital IDs and digital currencies will be at the center of this grid. When people disobey, or criticize the system, their spending will be curtailed, and access to basic aspects of society will be blocked. Again, this is happening already in China, which is the testing ground for the rest of the world. Source

Will Smart Cities
edit the human genome?

A concerning fact about Smart Cities is that all streetlights are LED lights, which have the ability to manipulate the human genome. Gene expression can be turned off or on with LED lights, which can also activate mRNA inside the human body. Scientific studies documenting these facts abound online.  Which begs the question: is this why authorities insist on injecting all of humanity with mRNA technologies that can be activated through LED light? Source

Where Next?

Culdesac today but it is coming to a city near you soon!

Chattanooga, Tennessee is one of only two cities chosen in the
United States that have agreed to ‘pioneer’ a new roadmap for
adopting new technology as part of the World Economic Forum’s G20
Global Smart Cities Alliance. In the United States, Chattanooga,
along with San Jose, California have agreed to implement a roadmap,
designed by the World Economic Forum, to give cities laws,
procedures and regulations to “ethically and responsibly”
use new data and technologies.

Other cities chosen as ‘Pioneer cities’ include:

Apeldoorn, Netherlands; Barcelona, Spain; Belfast, UK; Bengaluru, India; Bilbao, Spain; Bogotá, Colombia; Brasilia, Brazil; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Cordoba, Argentina; Daegu, South Korea; Dubai, UAE; eThekwini (Durban), South Africa; Faridabad, India; Gaziantep, Turkey; Hamamatsu, Japan; Hyderabad, India; Indore, India; Istanbul, Turkey; Kaga, Japan; Kakogawa, Japan; Kampala, Uganda; Karlsruhe, Germany; Leeds, UK; Lisbon, Portugal; London, UK; Maebashi, Japan; Manila, Philippines; Medellín, Colombia; Melbourne, Australia; Mexico City, Mexico; Milan, Italy; Moscow, Russia; Newcastle, Australia; and Toronto, Canada……….

When it does reach your city, remember, just like Hotel California, “You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave” The time to resist is now.

Source:  https://expose-news.com/2024/02/18/americas-first-15-minute-city-has-been-created-in-tempe-arizona-do-residents-know-whats-in-store-for-them/

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