The Chinese Communist government (CCP) is funding fraudulent research & science on mRNA Cancer vaccines, according to Dr William Makis. The Canadian physician, who also has expertise in oncology says, “We often talk about Pfizer and Moderna and the atrocities they have unleashed on the worldwide populations but “the freedom movement very rarely talks about China as a key player in the advancement of toxic mRNA products, but China is waging war on all of us“, he says.

Below is an article that shows the collection of some studies that Dr Makis argues are “fraudulent” which he originally published on his Makismd.Substack.

Chinese Communist govt (CCP) is funding fraudulent research & science on mRNA Cancer vaccines – new CCP study (Mar.2024) called “Advances and prospects of mRNA vaccines in cancer immunotherapy”

By Dr William Makis M.D. -15th Jan 2024

New Paper: “Advances and prospects of mRNA vaccines in cancer immunotherapy” (to be in March 2024 issue)

  • This is a new Review paper on the latest in mRNA cancer vaccines, a topic that really interests me.
  • It is behind a paywall but I read what is available publicly and it shocked me.
  • I pursued a few questions which led me down an interesting rabbit hole.
  • I’ll first review the article itself, then do a deep dive into the players behind his paper.

“Advances and prospects of mRNA vaccines in cancer immunotherapy”

  • A review paper is usually a summary of the current research by an expert in the field who then provides a global view of the topic and ideas on where the field is going.
  • Target audience: usually other clinical doctors in the field – this would be read by medical oncologists, surgical oncologists, Radiologists, Nuclear Medicine physicians, some internists, keen family doctors – basically practicing doctors who don’t have time to read the individual papers.

What the paper says:

advantages of mRNA vaccines such as high safety, ease of production, and unmatched efficacy are on full display

Comment: false on safety and efficacy, maybe they are easy to produce when you’re using vats of E.Coli loaded with DNA plasmids.

advances in technology such as pseudouridine modification have cracked down the bottleneck for developing mRNA vaccines including instability, innate immunogenicity, and low efficiency of in vivo delivery.”

We expect a rapid development of mRNA vaccines for cancer immunotherapy in the near future

“DNA vaccine delivers target antigen sequence into cells, which is transcribed and translated successfully in vivo and activates the anti-tumor immune response. DNA vaccines have not been used clinically for cancer treatment due to its high potential risk of integration into the host DNA and relatively low immunogenicity”

Comment: interestingly, DNA contamination is found in Pfizer & Moderna vaccines and these Chinese researchers admit the exact opposite of what FDA, Health Canada and European Medicines Agency have said about DNA contamination – “no risk of integration” and “no clinical relevance”

“In contrast, mRNA vaccine only needs to enter into the cytoplasm for translation, which perfectly eliminates the unpredictable risk of nuclear integration

Comment: This is a lie. There is a theoretical risk of nuclear integration with mRNA through reverse transcription (Alden et al), and a real risk of DNA contaminant integration into our DNA as they just admitted in the previous statement.

“Developed by Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech, mRNA vaccine against COVID-19 achieved unprecedented success, in which uridine (U) of the mRNA encoding coronavirus spike protein was replaced by pseudouridine (ψ)

Comment: such an “unprecedented success” that China refused to use a single mRNA dose to protect 1.4 billion people against a pandemic that started there.

“This chemical modification significantly attenuates the induction of inflammatory cytokines by mRNA vaccine and sustains higher and longer antigen expression”

Comment: shuts down the immune system so that the mRNA bypasses it and more spike protein can be produced for a longer period of time.

the advancement of delivery system for mRNA vaccine lays out a solid foundation for its successful application

Comment: This describes the Lipid Nanoparticle delivery system which is a complete failure because it delivers the mRNA into the blood stream, causing the injuries & deaths we see.

Each step in the process of developing an mRNA vaccine is critical.

Comment: So why is there DNA contamination in the vaccines? Why was there metallic particle contamination in Moderna mRNA vaccines in Japan?

As mRNA cancer vaccine evolves toward individualized medicine, the identification of distinct effective antigens determines its efficacy”

Comment: The spike protein didn’t determine the efficacy of COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines. The technology doesn’t work. For the mRNA cancer vaccine, the antigen will be irrelevant.

“When mRNA vaccine safely enters cells, it undergoes translation and antigen presentation, ultimately activating the anti-tumor immune response.”

Comment: This is all theoretical. COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines were a failure. They activated the immune system to attack the body at many locations, causing auto-immune problems.

“Earlier in 2005, Drs Katalin Kariko and Drew Weissman in the University of Pennsylvania found that uridine in the mRNA sequence was a key factor in mediating the unwanted immune response

Comment: yes, the modified mRNA survives by bypassing the innate immune response, but then it creases unwanted immune responses regardless.

Improvements in mRNA structure (e.g., codon optimization, nucleotide modification, self-amplifying mRNA; etc.) and delivery vehicles (e.g., LNPs, polymers, peptides; etc.)”

Comment: None of these are “improvements. LNPs dump mRNA all over the body, codon optimization and nucleotide modification cause ribosome shifting resulting in production of prions and amyloid, nucleotide modification also causes toxic spike to be produced much longer causing most of the severe side effects, self-amplifying mRNA adds additional, potentially exponentially greater damage by increasing copies of mRNA within cells with no off switch.


Senior Author Wei Xiong – NHC Key Laboratory of Carcinogenesis and Hunan Key Laboratory of Cancer Metabolism, Hunan Cancer Hospital and the Affiliated Cancer Hospital of Xiangya School of Medicine, Central South University, Changsha, China

Key Laboratory of Carcinogenesis and Cancer Invasion of the Chinese Ministry of Education, Cancer Research Institute, Central South University, Changsha, Hunan, China

Email: “ (government email)

Notice: “Chinese Ministry of Education”

Why? Because it’s PROPAGANDA, not science of medicine.

WHO FINANCED THIS? The Chinese Communist Govt

  • “This work has been supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (82203163), the Natural Science Foundation of Hunan Province (2022JJ40660), the Natural Science Foundation of Changsha”
  • “National Natural Science Foundation of China” is the equivalent of the NIH in the US and is “directly affiliated to China’s State Council” – The Chinese Communist Party / Government.


ELSEVIER – according to US geneticist Kevin McKernan, Elsevier purchased Pergamon (Maxwell Com Corp), the scientific journal run by Ghislaine Maxwell’s father, Robert Maxwell. Ghislaine Maxwell is the partner of Jeffrey Epstein, child sex trafficker to the stars.

Journal: Biochimica et Biophysica Acta – overall editor-in-chief is Ulrich Brandt (Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany)

Executive Editor: Kornelia Polyak, Harvard MD PhD (Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Boston)

  • extensive pharmaceutical conflicts of interest

My Take..

Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is funding researchers to publish fraudulent science and propaganda about mRNA vaccines and mRNA cancer vaccines.


  1. Their researchers have no expertise in mRNA vaccines
  2. China refused to administer a single mRNA vaccine to its 1.41 billion population, despite COVID-19 allegedly arising in Wuhan, China.
  3. Why is CCP PAYING for research that regurgitates US big pharma propaganda on LNP and mRNA technology and the lies that its safe and effective?
  4. China could expose the LNP mRNA technology fraud and cripple the US pharmaceutical industry in the US, but instead, it perpetuates the fraud, props up US big pharma at the expense of millions of victims of mRNA jabs including members of the US military.
  5. Why is CCP PAYING researchers to promote escalation of mRNA technology such as self-amplifying mRNA and mRNA Cancer vaccines?

Interestingly, the review was published in a journal with Jeffrey Epstein connections, with a Harvard MD PhD editor drowning in big pharma conflicts of interest, meant for consumption in the European market by European doctors.

CCP admits that DNA vaccines have “high potential risk of integration into the host DNA” but they won’t expose DNA contamination in Pfizer & Moderna vials, which means they’re protecting Pfizer & Moderna.

The Chinese Community Party is an active participant in pushing Propaganda to help advance the toxic mRNA injections into the next stages (mRNA cancer vaccines and self-amplifying mRNA vaccines), despite the fact they haven’t used a single dose of mRNA themselves.

We often talk about Pfizer and Moderna and the atrocities they have unleashed on the populations of US, Canada, Australia, UK, Europe, Japan, etc.

But notice that the freedom movement very rarely talks about CHINA as a key player in the advancement of toxic mRNA products.

China is waging war on all of us.

This is just one example.

Source. Dr. William Makis M.D. – makismd.substack





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