Were hospitals actually “full and overwhelmed” in 2020 and 2021 as the media wanted us to believe? According to this nurse whistleblower, “they weren’t.” Nurse Gail Macrae began questioning the COVID protocols when she began having to refuse entry to family members of dying patients. The administration of remdesivir and thwarting of alternative treatments further contributed to her skepticism. She was also shaken by hospital software systems that conflated vaccinated and unvaccinated people, by excessive COVID-19 vaccine injuries, and by how hospital administrators and fellow workers refused to speak up about the harm they witnessed. Ultimately, her pushback against the establishment lost Gail her job. Gail describes her unsettling experiences during her CHD Bus appearance.

“That’s the biggest part of all of this is that people like me who were there telling the truth, we were all fired and removed from the field. Or we left because we couldn’t ethically manage it. So now we are left with medical facilities full of people who don’t have a backbone to standup and do the right thing. And so I am very concerned for the future of medicine in this country because we have criminalized and disciplined all of the practitioners who were actually there to protect our patients and families. It’s a dangerous place. I would not take a family member to a hospital!”

— Nurse Gail Macrae


Source: https://rumble.com/v40ux0u-covid-nurse-dangerous-hospital-protocols-vaccine-injuries-and-health-worker.html

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