Josh Sigurdson reports on the studies that have come out exposing the cancer risks in face masks.

The NIH in the UK has released a study confirming the N95 masks cause cancer among many other issues, but that’s not all! While the NIH concludes that cloth masks (which literally do nothing for illnesses and indeed make illnesses worse) are safer, the NIH also conflicts this claim in other studies, as does the EPA.

Cloth and surgical masks contain ethylene oxide. So do nasal swabs. Ethylene oxide is one of the most dangerous chemicals human beings come in contact with.

Ethylene oxide isn’t only a massive cause of cancer, but it also alters and damages DNA, causes brain damage, destroys the nervous system, causes infertility, destroys the skin, nose throat and lungs among countless other dangers.

It’s used as a “sterilizing agent” as well as a pesticide.

The fact that humans have come in contact with this as much as they have over the past years is worrying, but add this to the cancer rate increase due to injections as well as the forever chemicals found in meats, fruits and vegetables and we have an actual genocide going on.

Western Australia is bringing back mask mandates and many other places are looking to do the same.

Will you comply?





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