The European Parliament and member states have reached an agreement on the mandatory roll out of Bill Gates’ Digital ID which has inbuilt features designed to exclude people from participating in society if they do not comply with the globalist agenda.

Here at the People’s Voice we have been warning the masses for years that a key plan in the globalist agenda involves Digital IDs and Central Bank Digital Currencies to lock humanity in a digital prison – and the European Union has just admitted that we were right all along.

The elite have always denied these plans, describing anybody who dared to expose their plans as “conspiracy theorists” who need to be muzzled on social media, frozen out of society, and in some cases thrown in prison.

But now the globalists are making their move.

But you do not have to submit to their authoritarian plans. It’s not too late to fight back. In fact, there are millions of people around the world who are rising up against this tyranny. We’ve got all the details coming up.





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