In today’s Cleanse Heal Ignite episode with Diane Kazer, Warrior Wednesdays to help you become your own best defender! Prepare to be INpowere’ed and INspired.

I’m going to take you for a tour of the Orgone Factory where Hope, Tivon, Val & team make your EMF filtering shields. I interview Tivon as Hope holds the camera 🙂

1. My trip to Morocco to meet my Whistleblower friends & World Researchers, Hope, Tivon & their mom Valerie
2. What is Orgone, how is it made and how does it protect you from one of the leading causes of illness today? RADIATION poisoning (EMF, 5G, ‘Smart Technology’, etc)
3. Not all Orgone is the same. Learn all of the ingredients (including Shungite and Quartz Crystal) is fused into these Alchemized Pyramids & Pendants
4. The many ways Orgone can be used in your home, life and on your body, pets and children to filter EMF’s from harming you
5. How to use Orgone to make Hydrogen Water?
6. The Orgone ‘Ban’ in the USA?
…and more! I love these 2 and I know you will too.

I hope you enjoy the ‘Behind the Scenes’ of what goes into making your Orgone EMF Shields as we did.

It’s always fun seeing how the small ministries and companies you support make things for you, rather than just impersonally receiving them in a magic box from FedEx 😉

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