Another widespread claim about the “safety” and “effectiveness” of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccines” has been proven false.

Researchers out of Italy and United Kingdom found that, contrary to government claims, the spike proteins from Fauci Flu shots persist in recipients’ arms for at least six months post-injection.

Up until now, the official story is that the spike proteins in covid jabs are “harmless” and stay in the arm for no longer than just a couple of days. We are told that, at most, the body will only continue to manufacture spike proteins for a very short time, assuming a person got the mRNA variety.

We now know that the body of a fully jabbed person continues to produce spike proteins indefinitely. Researchers confirmed this, even excluding the possibility of cross-contamination or infection with some wild-circulating strain of COVID.

To conduct their research, scientists used a sensitive test based on mass-spectrometry that was tuned to look specifically for an amino acid sequence that only exists in the jab-induced spike protein.

On his website, Igor Chudov explains how the mRNA jab types are genetically programmed to produce spike proteins, the part of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that allows COVID to enter human cells.

“During the penetration process, called ‘fusion,’ the viral spike protein changes shape, becoming a spear of sorts, penetrating the cell surface,” he writes.

Early on, we were promised that jab manufacturers Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna had programmed their respective shots to stop producing spike proteins after a certain point. It turns out this was false information based on false claims.

“The only modification that both Pfizer and Moderna did was to ‘prefusion stabilize’ the vaccine-encoded spike protein to prevent it from changing its shape and be more stable in the human body,” Chudov explains.

Just to be sure that their findings were correct, the research team also performed the same tests on a control group of people who never got jabbed for COVID. This only further proved that those who got the jab are now walking spike protein factories.

“It turns out that only the people in the vaccinated subgroup were found to carry vaccine-derived spike protein,” Chudov says, noting that the identifying spike fragment was found in 50 percent of the fully vaccinated biological samples analyzed.

“What is worse, vaccine spike protein was found as late as six months after the last dose!”

(Related: Peer-reviewed research shows that once COVID jab spike proteins enter the brain, they stay there indefinitely, leading to brain damage.)

Does mRNA from COVID jabs get integrated or re-transcribed in human cells?

It is important to note that the study was designed to only look as far out as six months for spike fragments. Had it been designed to look even further, chances are the study would have found that spike proteins continue to form inside the bodies of the fully vaccinated for years, if not forever.

Because the shots were rushed out at warp speed – though many now believe that these shots were developed possibly decades ago, and were only made to look like they were rushed to market once COVID arrived – there was not enough safety testing.

As to why spike proteins continue to be produced indefinitely in the fully vaccinated, the researchers presented three speculative theories:

1) That mRNA from the shots may get integrated or re-transcribed in some cells

2) That pseudo-uridines at a particular sequence position induce the formation of a spike protein that is always constitutively active

3) That the mRNA-containing nanoparticle is picked up by bacteria normally present at the basal level in blood

The researchers believe that Option 2 is highly unlikely, and this writer’s opinion based on everything that has come out since the onset of COVID is that Option 1 is highly likely to play a major, if not the dominant, role in endless spike protein production.

Option 1, by the way, is also known as reverse transcription. It means that vaccine mRNA makes itself a part of the human DNA genome, effectively turning a person into a genetically modified organism (GMO).

The HIV virus, by the way, which is believed to cause AIDS, also reverse transcribes and integrates itself into human DNA. Once this occurs, a person’s body endlessly produces copies of HIV, hence why there is no cure for HIV, only suppression with drugs.

“Similarly, human cells with COVID vaccine genetic code reverse-transcribed into them may also endlessly produce the spike protein for the affected individuals’ lives,” Chudov says.

All of this may also explain IgG4 immune tolerance, which lowers a person’s immune response to everything, making him more susceptible to every disease that comes along, just like what happens to a person with HIV or AIDS.

“The Brogna et al. study that we are discussing shows us the mechanism of why immune tolerance to spike protein develops,” Chudov concludes.

“The reason is that spike protein, produced without end, looks like an ‘environmental irritant’ to the vaccinated organism instead of being seen as a dangerous intruder.”





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