160 Countries Have Signed Onto Reducing The World Population To 800 Million By 2030

December. 2, 2023 News – Depopulation Agenda 2023…

AndreCorbeil Dec. 2, 2023.

Covid Pandemics, Vaccine Agendas, & Depopulation Of Humanity.

January. 2nd, 2023. COVID-19 News.

Global Pandemics, The Vaccine Agenda,

Jan. 2023 ‘Covid-19’ News.

Those antipsycotics and anti depressants can cause psychosis. Also, cause muscle spasms causing involuntary body movements “tarkdive deskinesia” Elderly can get dementia to and so can youth. Very discouraging there’s not better solutions from psychiatrist, and talk theraphy is basically obsolete. Sad how big pharm take advantage of vulnerable people.

January. 02 2023 COVID-19 News.

‘Covid-19’ Isn’t Linked To Heart Disease Or Strokes” The ‘MRNA’ ‘Covid19’ Vaccines Are!

“Mild ‘Covid-19’ Is NOT Linked To Heart Disease Or Strokes” The ‘MRNA’ Vaccines Are!

Recently The Times headlined with ‘Mild covid linked to heart disease & strokes’

Medical Doctors DEMANDING The Immediate Halt Of All ‘Covid-19’ Vaccines

Doctors Demanding The Immediate Halt Of All ‘Covid-19’ Vaccines

The ‘W.H.O’ Are Programming The Public To Accept A Global Genocide Of Humanity

A Global Genocide Of Humanity


multiple organizations have been orchestrating an environment to create distractions that give rise to an animation of fear. He describes how their real agenda will work…They want to weaken us until we become so vulnerable that we give in to whatever they want.


Source Link: https://rumble.com/v23j3eg-160-countries-have-signed-onto-reducing-the-world-population-to-800-million.html

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