Josh Sigurdson reports on new technologies being released currently in order to control the human body as the transhumanist movement grows by the day.

Recently, scientists have unveiled a way to control genetics and DNA with electricity from outside of the body. The implications of this as globalists push the 15 Minute City agenda are incredibly dangerous.

The technology comes under the guise of “curing illnesses” but we all know this is just a trick to force people into giving their body up to the technocratic state.

Another technology using “cure” as an excuse are the brain interfaces like Neuralink and in Australia, National Intelligence is developing a project to study ways of merging human brain cells with artificial intelligence. Why is an intelligence agency doing this? Well, one can easily fill in the blanks.

As the world goes cashless and technocracy reigns following planned crises, there has never been a more important time for individuals to go back to the basics which make humanity so great and prepare like your life depends on it. Because it does.

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