– Yellow trucking company to declare bankruptcy on Monday, says executive

– This will devastate logistics and commercial deliveries across the USA

– Former TRANS person sues doctors, clinic and counselors over “botched surgery” mutilation

– The demons are growing impatient and are coming out

– Former top government advisor testifies that alien beings were recovered from UFO crash

– Is it a UFO psyop, or a real whistleblower trying to reveal the truth?

– All mainstream journalists are now obsolete as Google AI can write the same mindless stories

– Most corporate journalists are NPCs who are incapable of original thinking or reporting

– JP Morgan Chase de-banks Dr. Mercola’s staff and their familiy members in nefarious attack on civil rights

– This proves that banks can never be trusted, and that you will be punished for your personal beliefs

– JP Morgan Chase was happy to do business with Jeffrey Epstein and will gladly bank with trans surgeon child mutilators

– If you murder children for a living (abortion centers), JP Morgan Chase is happy to have you as a customer

– But if you help SAVE people with nutrition, prevention and education, JP Morgan will BANISH you

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