Josh Sigurdson reports on the news of the USCA (United States Cattlemen’s Association) forming a task force over their concerns surrounding mRNA in the meat supply.

As we see China already pushing this agenda forward as well as countless farms in the United States injecting cattle, pigs and chickens with mRNA (not to mention fruits and vegetables) it is becoming increasingly concerning for those who’ve dodged the death shots as a potential way to poison them.

Investigations have already shown evidence of mRNA contamination in meat throughout the country. Suddenly for the first time since the release of the injections two and a half years ago, unvaccinated people are getting myocarditis and pericarditis.

The University of California has done countless studies on growing mRNA vegetables as has the University in Mexico City and on top of all of this, the supply chain is breaking down at record pace leaving an opening for future food rations which could be used to force mRNA into starving people.

This agenda is moving fast and this task force is only the beginning.

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