Josh Sigurdson reports on the recent news out of The UK regarding the NHS receiving a $26.68M budget for AI that diagnoses illnesses, tracks and traces people and will likely be used to force vaccinate people later on.

This recent move is reminiscent of the Terminator if it was a scifi medical drama. Not only are doctors often bad with diagnosis, but AI will be programmed to tow the line entirely for the medical establishment.

This comes at the same time as the US CBDC system rolls out and is said to connect to a vast ledger connecting everything in everyone’s lives to the system.

The World Health Organization has already called for tracking down vaccine hesitant people and identifying them as “disease vectors.”

The UN has called for a global government with forced lockdowns worldwide at the same time as they’ve called for a digital ID attached to bank accounts.

The IMF and BRICS are releasing global CBCDs and FedNow is being released July 18th with social credit integrated with bank accounts.

This is getting big fast and we must resist!

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