This video is one of several videos we are calling the COVID Truth Educational Series.  It has been put together in a step by step educational format. The purpose of these videos is to help clear up the confusion of the lies that have been told to the public through the COVID agenda.  We believe that educating people about the truth of what was done to the human population through COVID is the best defense humanity has against this ever happening again, and those who planned COVID are definitely planning to do something again in the near future.

This video is meant to be free and uninterrupted.  It is put together as a public service by  We are Engineers, Scientists and Researchers that run a handmade EMF protection products business. We are also Authors of the Book “Forbidden Tech The Complete Guide To Energy, Social, And Biological Technologies That They Did Not Want You To Know About”

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Notes from the Video:

With all the false narratives and lies out there over the past three years I’ve been asking myself this entire time what really happened during Covid.  This is my best shot at summing it all up for anyone who might still be confused.


For the last several decades, a handful of powerful people that run the world have been organizing a plan to kill off a large part of the global population and create a prison system to control the people that are still alive. This is what I believe the bible refers to as the Beast, or what we call the “Beast System”.  The “handful of powerful people” are the United Nations leaders which is most definitely a Satanic Organization… I mean just look at the UN Headquarters in NYC.   All countries in the world signed an agreement with the UN that gave full control of each country over to the UN should the UN’s WHO ever declare a pandemic. When this happened all of the constitutions and laws that govern every country around the world were pushed to the side and the WHO became the dictator in full control over everyone.   Anyone that ever did any research on any of this over the last couple decades was called a conspiracy theorist, censored and dismissed as a quack. And most people just went on living their lives distracted by the latest entertainment or political theatre of the day. And I’ll confess, I was one of those people for a while, until I woke up to the truth.  Maybe you’re one of those people too, maybe your starting to wake up too, maybe this video will help you do that.

So then heading into 2020 the powers that be made their big move.  There was so much propaganda and lying main stream media around this time it was really hard not to get confused. But they say hindsight is 20 20 vision, so let me spell out what I think actually happened during this time.

First towards the end of 2019, some form of a toxin via flushots, or airborn pollutant, or microwave radiation (or mix of all of this) was released targeting a few small pockets of people in a couple of different areas such as Wuhan and Lombardi Italy. There was never a “virus” there is no such thing as “viruses” that make people sick. I know this is hard to accept, I used to believe in viruses too. Look into it, there is plenty of evidence that shows that the whole concept of “viruses” is a fraud. They made it up. The Coronavirus isn’t real, it doesn’t exist. They lied.

They then fired up the biggest propaganda machine that’s ever existed in the history of human kind. Over the last 30 years or so they have been concentrating all of the media companies around the world so that all of them are basically owned and operated by one central source.  There is no such thing as investigative journalism anymore.  They are all actors that read scripts that are written by the companies that pay their salaries.

Everything they told you was a lie.  They poisoned some people in Wuhan and Italy with some kind of toxin or microwave radiation such as 5G, then they pointed camera’s on the few sick people plastered it all over the news all over the world and told everyone it was a virus. Then they lied and said that this fake virus was killing tons of people and making everyone sick.  They then had to create grand deceptions by lying and saying the hospitals were over run with sick people and doctors and nurses were so overworked by taking care of all the sick people that they were exhausted. But they got caught in this lie because people were visiting hospitals and filming them, they were empty. No sick people. And the doctors and nurses that were supposed to be so exhausted were so bored that they started making choreography dance videos for social media. So not only were they lying, but they were flaunting it in  our faces.

They also started lying about people dying from “Covid”. All of the doctors, nurses, and coroners were paid to write Covid as the cause of death on anyones death certificate.  People all over the world die every day from all different causes. This data has been collected for a long time so you can see how many people in each country died from, lets say heart attacks, or car accidents, or the flu for example. Absolutely nothing changed in 2020. There were not more people dying than normal. There was no pandemic virus killing off a huge part of the population. They marked every death, whether it was the flu, or a gunshot wound, or falling down the stairs as “death by Covid”.

They closed off normal medical services and surgeries during this time to keep the hospitals open for only “Covid” patients. (or to keep the hospitals empty and keep the tik tok dances going)  This caused a lot of people to die because they didn’t get the care they needed. When these people died they marked the death as Covid.

People were still getting normal illnesses like the flu, or a cold. These are things that happen normally in any population. We get sick because our environment is toxic in some way and our immune system has to go through a process to fight off the toxins.  This process is very uncomfortable, its what a cold or a flu is.  When you recover from it your body is basically upgraded to deal with the latest level of toxins in your environment.


The propaganda told us that the imaginary virus that caused the imaginary disease known as Covid has the same set of symptoms as the flu and radiation sickness caused by cell phone towers and 5G. So now if anyone got a cold or the flu or if they got sick because of this increase in 5G radiation towers, they were diagnosed as having Covid, they were then admitted to the hospital where they were murdered in the hospital by ventilators or drugs like remdesivir.  Their deaths were labeled as Covid. The hospitals became the killing fields.


At the forefront of this grand deception is a fake PCR test. The person who invented this test said that it was never meant to diagnose a disease in a person. But that person (Kary Mullis)  was ignored of course, and was murdered to hide the truth. The test was used as the standard to run and control all the worlds people during this fake pandemic. The test doesn’t produce any accurate results, it basically was making it look like lots of people had “Covid” when no one actually had it because Covid isn’t real. Even though this test was a fake and didn’t work, they forced everyone around the entire world to take this test multiple times if they wanted to work, travel, or enter any public spaces. This test contained toxins and nanotechnology that was deposited right next to the brain. The more tests you took, the more of this stuff you have in you. Many people did get sick from the tests and the nanotechnology was used to track you.


The term “hypochondriac” used to be referred to as a mental illness.  People who were always afraid that they were sick or going to get sick were thought of as being mentally ill. The propaganda machine put out during Covid turned almost every person in the world into an overnight hypochondriac. It made the whole world mentally ill. People were acting irrationally, everyone was put under a spell, and everyone around us started repeating the narrative that was fed to them by the propaganda news. Anyone who dared to ask questions or try to tell the truth was censored into oblivion. Family members turned on each other, fighting and abuse towards fellow human beings exploded, people became divided, critical thinking didn’t exist anymore. The whole world went absolutely mad. All of this was carefully planned, implemented and executed by design. They have spent decades studying human behavior, psychology, influence and mind control. They have a pretty good idea of how people are going to react or behave when they are targeted with various different types of stimuli.


To reinforce the lie and keep the delusion going they rolled out a whole bunch of physical paraphernalia instruments and rules. Masks, stickers on the floor telling you where to stand and which direction to walk in, temperature guns at entranceways, social distancing, taped off seats in public spaces and churches, hand sanitizer everywhere, videos teaching you how to wash your hands meant for a child,  chemical spray guns fumigating the streets and the churches and the buildings, teams of people wearing hazmat suits and face shields and layered face masks.  All of this was a lie. None of this stuff worked to protect you from Covid and there was plenty of evidence that none of it worked, all of which was censored and ignored.   All of this paraphernalia was meant to do one thing and one thing only: create a visual existence for something invisible that didn’t really exist. People need to see things to believe them. So everyone seeing all the Covid accoutrements everywhere in their society made them believe that Covid was real. It did something else too. It showed the controlling powers that were watching us the whole time just how many would submit and follow stupid orders that didn’t make any sense. It was meant to humiliate us. Wear a mask, social distance, use hand sanitizer 20 times a day, now hop up and down on one leg and cluck like a chicken.


And then there were the lockdowns, border closures and flight cancellations, all done very quickly, in lockstep, with little to no notice given.  Millions of people got stranded while traveling. All the militaries of the world came out and paroled the streets to enforce the lockdowns. The reason for the lockdowns was to destroy any form of local economies or independent businesses while simultaneously restructuring and setting up the new control system of the near future.  Staying home did not “save lives” the purpose was to keep you out of their way while they demolished local societies and built the new grid infrastructure.

The plans that they have presented in their conferences and videos tell us very clearly what they want to turn society into.  They want to corral human beings into a cattle grid system of living. They want gates at every doorway, they want to be able to track and trace and control collect data on everything, they want everything tied to a digital currency that they can control. This is why they kept putting up 5G towers at record speeds when everyone was locked down. They want all the resources to come from large government owned corporations. They do not want people to have independent businesses or wealth. This is why the box stores stayed open during lockdown but the small businesses were considered non essential. They do not want people to travel or leave their grid. They do not want you to travel to other countries and see the real story about how other people live.  This is why the shut all borders and controlled the media. This is also why they are actively trying to implode the airline industry. Traveling wont’ be around for much longer. They also used the lockdowns to psychologically torture people and cause more mental illness so that folks would see a new vaccine as their savior and they would line up to get it so they could “go back to normal”.


Everything I’ve described up to this point is what happened for one year BEFORE they released the Vaccines.