On Tuesday, Nathaniel Pawlowski testified in the European Parliament about the tyranny in Canada.

“Canada has fallen, we no longer have freedom of religion, freedom of speech, or the right to protest, or assemble or associate or express ourselves, or have free media or disagree with the government,” Nathaniel Pawlowski said at the EU Parliament in Brussels, Belgium, during a panel called ‘Trust and Freedom.’

In 2021, his father, Canadian pastor Artur Pawlowski, faced jail time after tossing out health officials and armed police and defying court orders to keep his church open during the peak of covid restrictions in Canada.

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In February 2023 he was under scrutiny for accusations that he contributed to $400 million in damages by holding a church service during last year’s trucker blockade at the US-Canada border.  In May, he was found guilty of inciting mischief for giving a sermon to the truckers.  Artur’s sentencing is due to be handed down in August 2023, he could be facing up to ten years behind bars.

In the video below, his son Nathaniel addresses the European Parliament about the tyranny that has taken hold of Canada.

Media Bezirgan: Jailed Pastor’s Son Slams Trudeau in EU as “Modern-Day Caligula”, 4 July 2023 (4 mins)

Not allowing tyranny to interfere with freedom, at the end of May, Artur announced: “We have formed a political party!”

Source Link: https://expose-news.com/2023/07/06/we-no-longer-have-freedom/

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