Josh Sigurdson reports on the Canadian fires smoking out the east coast of the United States as images from the sky of the fires clearly show timestamped that they all begun at the exact same time in places like Quebec despite Quebec being a massive province.

The smoke reaching New York City also appears to be the same color as ammonium nitrate when it burns. Interestingly, only weeks ago, one of the biggest chemical thefts in history happened. Stolen from a California train, 30 tons of ammonium nitrate went missing. As we reported at the time, it wouldn’t be far off to think it would be used in some climate-based false flag.

At the same time, we see so many historical examples of arsonists who’ve worked with CIA covers like black bloc and “antifa.”

So what’s really causing the fires and what is the purpose? It seems rather clear that with the destruction of food, water, shelter, currency and culture, an attack on the air would be another great way to force people into 15 Minute Cities away from the wilderness. Nice and safe within their prison, people will beg for a solution like this from the very people who created the problems in the first place.

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