A Christian preacher was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct over the weekend for allegedly “yelling” a Bible quote at a group of “Pride” marchers in Reading, Pennsylvania.

The cop ordered the man to stay on one side of the street and “respect” the LGBT marchers and then swiftly ran over to arrest him when he said “God is not the–” with a mildly raised voice.

The man, who has been identified as Damon Atkins, told The Lancaster Patriot “that he was going to quote a portion of 1 Corinthians 14:33 — ‘God is not the author of confusion’ — but did not finish the quote because he stopped when he was handcuffed by [Police Sergeant Bradley T. McClure].”


From The Lancaster Patriot, “Reading Man Arrested for Quoting Bible in Public”:

It took less than sixty seconds of standing on a sidewalk for Damon Atkins to be placed in handcuffs and arrested for quoting a portion of a Bible verse.

On Saturday morning dozens of people were gathered outside the Reading City Hall on Washington Street to participate in the city’s first ever “Pride March and Rally” endorsed by Mayor Eddie Moran. At approximately 10:05 a.m. Atkins arrived at a public sidewalk across the street from City Hall.

In less than a minute he found himself in handcuffs.

[…] The video shows Police Sergeant Bradley T. McClure approaching Atkins, and the two interact for approximately 25 seconds.

Atkins can be heard saying “This is public property.”

McClure can be heard saying “let them have their event” and “respect them.”

[…] Wear’s video then focuses on McClure as he walks away from Atkins. Atkins can then be heard saying, “God is not the,” and McClure immediately reapproaches Atkins and handcuffs him.

[…] According to an affidavit of probable cause, McClure claims that “[Atkins] was carrying a sign with a slogan written on it that showed his opposition to the event.”

The video footage shows Atkins holding a sign that read “JESUS SAID GO AND SIN NO MORE.”

In the affidavit, McClure also claims that Atkins “began to yell to the people” attending the pride event.

“I immediately approached him and told him that, while he was free to stand on that side of the street and hold his sign,” McClure wrote in the affidavit, “he could not cross the street nor yell comments intended to disrupt the event.”

McClure added that Atkins “said he understood.” But the video does not show Atkins agreeing to remain silent and Atkins told The Lancaster Patriot that he never agreed to McClure’s instructions.

The affidavit continues with McClure claiming that in less than a minute Atkins “resumed yelling derogatory comments to the people at the event.”

The video records the only words from Atkins as “God is not the” immediately prior to McClure arresting him.

A court document provided to The Lancaster Patriot shows that Atkins was charged with “Disorderly Conduct Engage in Fighting.”

A criminal complaint from the Reading Police Department provided to The Lancaster Patriot explains that a violation of the Disorderly Conduct statute entails “the intent to cause substantial public inconvenience, annoyance or alarm, or recklessly creating a risk thereof, he engages in fighting or threatening, or in violent or tumultuous behavior” and that Atkins “despite being warned by police just moments prior, yelled derogatory comments at an organization that was holding a permitted event.”

As Atkins is being handcuffed in the video, the crowd at the pride event can be heard cheering his arrest.

Atkins agreed to meet with The Lancaster Patriot to explain that the reason he went to the event that day was because Jesus Christ changed him, and he wanted to tell others.

“The main reason I was there was because of love,” he said. “Because Jesus has taught me to love my neighbor as myself.”

He attended another pride event earlier in the week and said a man told him that “if I had a gun, I would shoot you in the head.”

Quoting the Bible at LGBTs is “disorderly conduct” but LGBTs threatening to shoot Christians in the head is just good ol’ fashion free speech!

How many videos have we seen of leftist protesters screaming at right-wingers with bullhorns without any issue?

Just last week some vile witch was filmed screaming at the mother of Ashli Babbitt with a bullhorn, shouting “F**k Ashli Babbitt!” at the top of her lungs while police stood by doing nothing.

Police only stepped in to arrest Babbitt’s mother after she grabbed the witch’s megaphone.

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