By my count, they’re at least 10 … and they are all massive.

If you have an hour to spare, I highly recommend reading this document, which summarizes and debunks many of the false and counterproductive “mandates.” This 22,000-word paper was produced by authors from the Isle of Man of all places.

It is divided into five sections including in-depth treatment of virus originsiatrogenic deaths, lockdownsmandated masking and “vaccines.” I think it might be the most impressive and persuasive piece of Covid writing I’ve read.

After reading the document, I was struck by the sheer number of massive scandals that have overlapped and cascaded – like a series of tsunamis – on the world in the past three-plus years.

By orders of magnitude, every one of these scandals dwarfs Watergate.  As the authors point out, all are “horrific” and “nightmarish.”

Building upon the author’s arguments and adding a few of my own “scandals” that weren’t highlighted in this paper, I’ve identified 10 of these scandals. Again, each one by itself would probably qualify as the greatest scandal and outrage of our lifetimes.

When listed one after the other, readers are left with overwhelming evidence that our world must have gone completely mad. These scandals, roughly in chronological order, include:

(Mad) Scientists – funded and encouraged by our own government – probably created this virus.

The above  possibility is not discussed in the document. However, from my perspective, I see only three virus-origin possibilities:

  1. The virus crossed over into the human population via bats and then other animals.
  2. The virus was created or modified in a lab and either accidentally “escaped” or was intentionally released.
  3. … And a theory that is embraced by a growing number of people … there was no new novel coronavirus.

The latter two possibilities should, of course, qualify as massive, historic scandals.

If government-funded scientists (in America and China and perhaps other countries) created this virus, all they did was turn the world upside down and kill and sicken tens of millions of people (either from said lab-created virus and/or from the response to the alleged pandemic.)

Similarly, if one is convinced there was no new novel virus, our scientific experts and authorities would have perpetrated the Mother of All deadly scams on the world (somehow no virus ended up causing tens of millions of deaths).

(I happen to think there is a novel coronavirus and it probably was created in a lab, but it’s not any more lethal than the common flu.)

“Early spread” was either completely missed by the experts or, once certain officials realized this was happening, they covered up evidence of widely-circulating early transmission.

The authors of the Isle of Man document do address this possibility and even twice cite an article that I wrote on this topic.

As mega scandals go, “missed early spread” probably doesn’t register on the radar of 99 percent of the population.

However, I still think this might be the most important unreported story as, if this was known, the world should not have had to endure lockdowns and experienced mass panic. People would have realized there was no way to “slow” or “stop” the “spread” of this virus as the virus horses had already galloped across the globe.

This theory would also tell us that the Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) of this virus was minuscule as millions of people had already been infected with no noticeable spike in all-cause deaths. So the necessity of rolling out a new mRNA “vaccine” to “save millions of people” would have been viewed as a nonsensical head-scratcher to far more people.

The question would have become why do we need a possibly dangerous and rushed vaccine to save people … who weren’t dying or who faced no real risk from this virus.

The scandal here would have two components: Either our trusted public health officials didn’t know early spread was happening; or at least some did know this and went to great extremes to cover up this knowledge.

The bottom-line is the same with all these scandals: The public should NOT trust the experts. In fact, large numbers of alleged experts and government officials should be arrested, prosecuted, imprisoned or at least disgraced and charged with professional malfeasance, a result that would make sure these people could never “serve” (harm) the public again.

Lockdowns were a public health, economic, psychological, sociological and civil-liberties-eviscerating disaster. Any benefit from this unprecedented mitigation strategy was dwarfed by massive harms.

The authors excel in their effort to expose this particularly mind-boggling scandal.

Iatrogenic deaths almost assuredly killed far more people than Covid proper. 

Faulty medical protocols and guidance – coupled with (unnecessary) mass panic in the population and among health-care professionals – killed untold numbers of people and, by themselves, account for the massive spike in deaths in some cities.

Said differently, the surge in deaths that largely explains the ramped-up panic and justified all the draconian mandates probably had little or nothing to do with this virus.

This outstanding section includes many first-hand testimonials from witnesses to (arguably) mass murder that will leave readers irate.  Iatrogenic deaths is perhaps the least-publicized massive Covid scandal.

Mandatory masking was a scientific farce and the masks caused far more harm than has been fully acknowledged.

The authors note that mask mandates perhaps seem “trivial” compared to other Covid scandals. However, the authors then proceed to make readers better appreciate the harm caused by these unnecessary mandates. They also do an excellent job showing how the alleged “science” on masks rapidly flipped.

I’ve been reading Covid stories for three-plus years and hadn’t seen some of the compelling arguments the authors make about masks. The document is worth reading just for the excellent points made about iatrogenic deaths and masks.

Vaccines are not safe and effective, weren’t needed and are causing untold numbers of deaths and serious medical conditions.

The authors dive into politically-incorrect waters by providing contrarian history on vaccines and questioning the conclusion that other well-accepted vaccines produced the positive health results they are widely considered to have made possible.

In my opinion, the authors could have included far more evidence and anecdotes about the obvious harm the Covid “vaccines” have produced, but the items they do include are compelling and worth the read.

Accurate Covid data is being concealed, spun or obfuscated by public health agencies.

This header is not included as a separate category in this document, but every section provides evidence this is occurring to a scandalous degree.

Genuine transparency does not exist with important Covid data. Indeed, the authors show that officials charged with reporting important health data seem to be going out of their way to conceal this data from the public. This by itself should be another major scandal and has already eroded “public trust” in public officials and our medical/science community.

The following are my own contributions to any inventory of massive societal scandals.

Censorship is out of control. We now live in a world where genuine free speech is considered a threat to the state and the world’s real rulers.

It should be noted that censorship is not yet all-encompassing. The Isle of Man document proves this good news by citing hundreds of articles and studies that did reach the attention of the authors.

However, most of these citations are from the “alternative press” (including plenty of independent Substack authors).

The important studies the authors cite – FWIW, studies produced by “real” scientists – never or rarely received significant coverage from the corporate or mainstream press. Many of these contrarian authors or dissident voices have indeed been censored, attacked, de-platformed, bullied and even lost their jobs.

It could be argued that every scandal itemized in this document might not have happened if censorship did not exist. The authors make clear that the promulgation of false fears is the root of all totalitarian mandates. It should be obvious that this level of requisite fear would have been much lower if the public had received fair and balanced coverage of true, off-limits facts.

The mainstream press is 99.9 percent captured.

The “gatekeepers of the news” have become stenographers of virtually every dubious or false public health narrative. Nobody (who really matters in the Big Picture) is challenging the never-ending lies, manipulated data and false narratives.

If this lack of skepticism persists, it seems almost a certainty that all the important organizations in the world will continue to be led by people who either aren’t intelligent enough to challenge false narratives or know the narratives are false and simply don’t care.

Big Tech and social media companies are actively censoring real debate and genuine free speech. 

Furthermore, many of these companies seem to be working in concert with government officials and agencies to target individuals who are not afraid to dissent from the various “authorized” narratives.

The above points make it far more likely that past scandals will not be exposed and that future society-damaging agendas will be more likely to be brought to fruition.

In sum, these waves of over-lapping and cascading scandals produce a tale that does qualify as a real-world horror story.

The greatest horror might be the realization that most citizens are still unaware they’re living through an unfolding nightmare. Hopefully, excellent and important documents like the one just described will open more eyes.

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