Josh Sigurdson reports on the ground from the quickly developing 15 Minute City that is Oxford, Oxfordshire, England.

Reports early in 2022 reported that there would be developments in Oxford complete with bollards and cameras in the streets (blocking off roads to cars) and so-called “15 Minute Neighborhood infrastructure.” In September of 2022 the council in Oxford made clear that effective at the beginning of 2023, many roads would not be reachable by cars.

Under the guise of “environmentalism,” ambulances now have to drive further, in fact everyone has to drive further to get places. From central Oxford to the popular Cowley street, roads are blocked everywhere. Some roads are blocked with wooden bollards with lock and key. Others are blocked with bollards that move up and down based on codes sent from phones.

Signs for “Zero Emissions Zones” can be seen everywhere and on some roads, bicycles are not even allowed to be used.

It’s just the beginning. The World Economic Forum’s end goal for 15 Minute Cities means everyone is attached to the smart grid in “Low Traffic Neighborhoods” via a carbon credit score attached to their digital bank account.

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