Cardiologist Dr Thomas Binder studied medicine at the University of Zürich. With a doctorate in immunology and virology, and specialisms in internal medicine, cardiology and respiratory infections gained at hospitals and intensive care units, he is very well qualified to give his expert opinion on the Covid–19 pandemic, or ‘scamdemic’, as he calls it.

Dr Binder joins Debi Evans, UK Column Nursing Correspondent, from his practice in Wettingen, Switzerland, to tell his remarkable story; one that has had lifelong consequences. It is the story of how one doctor who simply followed his moral compass, professional medical code and conscience was brutally arrested and persecuted for putting his patients and the general public’s safety first.

Soon after the declaration by the World Health Organisation of the Covid–19 pandemic, Dr Binder began to vocalise his concerns over the flawed PCR tests, mask mandates and lockdowns to politicians, colleagues and members of the media. Shocked that he never received a reply, he began to vocalise his concerns online.

On 9 April 2020, he published a blog on his website documenting his analysis of Covid–19. The blog, much to his surprise, went viral, with 20,000 views in 24 hours. Unbeknown to Dr Binder, when two of his medical colleagues read the blog, they alerted the Chief Executive of the Canton of Aargau of their “concerns” over Dr Binder’s sanity.

On 11 April 2020, as Dr Binder was closing his surgery prior to going on holiday with his wife for an Easter break, he was alarmed to notice that outside his surgery, there was a heavily armed police presence—which he now knows was from the Kantonspolizei Aargau’s counter-terrorism unit (ARGUS). With just enough time to type an emergency message online, he then surrendered himself to police who proceeded to detain him on suspicion of being armed, a danger to himself and a danger to the public.

After one hour, police realised that Dr Binder was not a threat and that there was no reason to arrest him. However, the police did call an emergency doctor to evaluate Dr Binder’s mental health status. During questioning, when asked the standard sanity-checking question what year it was, he replied, tongue in cheek, that it was ‘1984’. This was enough to trigger the immediate, patently disingenuous, diagnosis of a hitherto unknown and uncoded ICD psychiatric illness, Corona-Wahnsinn (‘Covid Insanity’). He was then placed in a padded cell at a psychiatric unit and forced to take neuroleptic medicines for many months.

Now, in April 2023, exactly three years later, despite suffering many months of heinous brutalities, Dr Binder is still speaking out. His determination to inform his patients and the public of the dangers of the Covid–19 narrative, injection mandates, mRNA technology, masks and lockdowns continues. Whilst those who continue to follow the Covid–19 narrative may perceive Dr Binder to be mad, to those who don’t follow the narrative, Dr Binder is a very experienced, highly qualified Consultant Physician. Honest, well-researched, well-informed and calm, he is above all a kind man who only has his patients’ and fellow humans’ best interests at heart.

Besides working in private practice in Switzerland, Dr Binder is also a member of Doctors for Covid Ethics and is a member of the German Physicians and Scientist for Health, Freedom and Democracy. He is also one of the 22 life scientists who contributed to the Corman-Drosten Report. You can find Dr Binder on Twitter.

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