Has nanotech invaded every aspect of human life?

Mat Taylor is back with Stew to detail recent discoveries he observed under a microscope showing nanotech inside dental anesthetics.

Examinations of dental drugs from 2019 and before the pandemic showed zero nanotechnology.

The same self-assembling circuitry found in the covid bioweapon are also in dental numbing agents.

If nanotech is in dental drugs used for anesthesia then it’s likely also in the drugs used for other surgeries.

Dentists and doctors alike should analyze the components inside the medication they deliver to their patients, to ensure safety and informed consent.

Source Link: https://stewpeters.com/video/2023/05/report-nanotech-found-in-dental-anesthetics-nanotech-found-in-vaxx-also-observed-in-dental-drugs/

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