Dr. Jane today warns that the health emergency may appear to be over, but the powers that be will try again. The government psyop continues. The great reset is still moving forward.

The covid lockdown was a test, with data being collected that will help modify the plan. Brother Alexis Bugnolo is warning that the next phase of the psyop will be worse. This was an intentional mass genocide through a planned pandemic. Although it may appear that things have eased and gotten back to normal, there will be another phase which will continue to violate free speech and human rights, continue to disrupt infrastructure, and further erode the supply chain.

Dr. Jane emphasized the importance of having a backup plan in place if services go down. Alternate ways of communication can be through satellite phones and GMRS or HAM radios. People can grow their own food in backyard gardens, and have a backup food supply through long term storage food storage companies.

Other prepping options are solar radios, solar panels to power provide power during power outages, and ensuring you have medical supplies and medications stored up. Dr. Jane emphasized that prepping is vital.

Source Link: https://rumble.com/v2l5i2w-the-great-reset-continues-covid-lockdown-was-a-test-br.-alexis-bugnolo.html

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