Governments faked their Covid death numbers to stoke global panic and fear.

Embalmer John O’Looney is here to tell his eyewitness accounts of the lies told during the pandemic.

Global elites look at the world population like we are livestock.

Their genocidal schemes serve the purpose of thinning the herd.

As an embalmer John O’Looney is seeing people die in their 20s, 30s, and 40’s which is not normal.

To bolster fake fatality stats, most Covid deaths were inflated to kick off lockdowns and authoritarianism.

Before the vaccine bioweapon people were dying of cancer after many years of battling the disease.

Now, the deceased are dying of cancer after mere weeks of diagnosis.

This has never been observed before.

Funeral directors across the world are seeing the same increase in unusual deaths.

Many of them are seeing an increase in children dying suddenly.


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