Dr. A. Oveta Fuller was on VRBPAC & Voted for Vaccine Emergency Use Authorization EUA

Her obituary states she “passed away on November 18, 2022, following a brief illness unrelated to COVID.” No more information is given.

Dr. Fuller supported adding COVID-19 vaccines to the list of requirements by the CDC for students to attend public school.

She recommended pregnant women take the COVID vaccine:

She argued the vaccine was safe and effective and claimed the fully vaccinated (unsure how many jabs was her definition) to be “a major tool in toolkit to crush or at least manage coexistence with low Covid levels.”

Dr. Fuller even gave a victory dance after her FDA VRBPAC colleagues approved the 3rd vaccine booster dose EUA.

Though she doesn’t say, it’s safe to assume she followed the CDC’s vaccine recommendations and most likely had her full 5 courses of vaccine doses before her brief illness, unrelated to COVID, resulting in her death. Must be that Sudden Adult Death Syndrome that’s been going around lately.


Speaking of sudden death – I wanted to share a documentary with over 1.2 million views on Twitter. I originally planned to just share the documentary alone but saw the unfortunate news of Dr. Fuller that was related to the documentary.

Died Suddenly is an hour-long documentary that explores the recent surge of people dying unexpectedly. It explores the bizarre surge of people dying unexpectedly, a disturbing phenomenon many have observed coincides with the rollout of the experimental COVID-19 jab.

The documentary interviews embalmers, doctors and vaccine experts, all of whom warn the so-called vaccines are to blame. It has plenty of video evidence of the giant blood clots found in vaccinated patients many are talking about.

I cannot vouch for its authenticity, so please, like always, do your own research. It is however better to be informed. Plenty of hit pieces from the mainstream media are already emerging.

**UPDATE** – Twitter has now labeled the tweet as “MISLEADING – Learn why health officials consider COVID-19 vaccines safe for most people.” The tweet cannot be replied to, shared or liked.

**UPDATE 2** Twitter has removed the Misleading label. You can now reply, like and share the Tweet. No response from Twitter on the back and forth.

If you watched it tell me what you think!

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