Santino died, the boy who starred in a vaccination campaign: they denounce abandonment of the hospital

Santino Godoy Blanco passed away, a four-year-old boy who had been the face of a national vaccination campaign. The unfortunate event shocked the town of San Miguelwhere the little boy lived, and led to a complaint for abandonment on behalf of his family against Dr. Raúl F. Larcade Municipal Hospital.

According to his mother, Santino had not felt well for a week and had a high fever. However, from the health center he was sent back home several times. Finally, the autopsy revealed that the boy died of pneumonia, although he had received different diagnoses, including gastroenterocolitis and laryngitis.

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“I took him on November 2 at dawn because he had a fever. I gave him ibuporofen and it did not go down. A nurse treated him, he wanted a pediatrician to see him,” said Agustina Blanco, the child’s mother, in dialogue with Eduardo Feinmann in “someone has to say it” by miter radio.

Continuing with the account of the events, Blanco pointed out that “it took two hours for the fever to go down” and added: “A doctor said it was a viral picture. We went back home and he started throwing up.” As his symptoms persisted, Santino was given Reliveran, but he returned to the hospital as his condition did not improve.

“I didn’t pee and everyone knew it. I had a urinary infection,” the woman said and expanded: “I asked for a blood test and they told me no, it was a viral condition. Santi continued badly all Thursday. He continued to vomit, being weak and not eating.” Once again, they returned to the hospital, but his mother pointed out that during the trip the child “said that he wanted to lie down on the couch, was no longer located“.

“10 minutes passed and the nurse was sitting with a paper that said that Santi needed oxygen. The doctor fell asleep“, Blanco recounted and explained that the doctor who treated him thought that he had a bronchospasm. “He came with three saturation meters and none of them worked. It was already cold. She took him upa running to shock. They tried to revive him for an hour and a half“He said in tears.

Santino died and from the pain his mother, who has already contacted Mayor Jaime Méndez, sentenced: “I’m not going to stop until the doctors who treated my son are removed”.

Recently, the little boy had starred in a vaccination campaign for the National Ministry of Health against measles, rubella, mumps and polio.

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