In this talk Tivon shares a supernatural event that happened when his father died. It tells a story of mobs of angry people on the white house lawn, a great hunger that will starve out a lot of people, and a crying Joe Biden as president, all of which he saw back in 2010.

Hope and Tivon from had a Frank conversation with Victor Hugo Vaca Jr. He is an artist and American refugee who is stuck in the former Soviet Union near the Black Sea, Turkey, Syria and Ukraine after escaping China due to the Wuhan Virus. I escaped China hours before the last border closed on the day the coronavirus whistleblower Dr. Li Wenliang died. He is stuck there because he will not take the vaccine or the “lobotomy” PCR test in order to fly back. Victor has seen a lot of things and has a fascinating story. We broke this conversation down into smaller segments.

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