The UK is the first country to “approve” a new Covid jab from Moderna.

The UK’s simply awful Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency has given the jab approval and I have no doubt the damned stuff will be given to millions – making Moderna bosses and shareholders – and thousands of doctors – immensely rich.

By Dr Vernon Coleman

The UK Government says that side effects observed in safety monitoring were the same as those seen for the original Modern booster dose and were ‘typically mild and self-resolving’ with ‘no serious safety concerns identified’ according to the MHRA.

I felt tired when I read that.

What can you say?

I suggest that the MHRA takes a look at the section on headed ‘UPDATED June 17th 2022 – How many people are the vaccines killing?

And I feel that I should point out for the millionth time that the MRHA accepted £980,000 from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for `collaboration’.

Experts from Imperial College in London claimed in June that covid jabs had saved almost 20 million lives globally. I have no idea how they reached this conclusion and would be happy to debate it with them on the BBC but the BBC, which now seems to me to be a propaganda organisation, promoting the apparently diverse but surprisingly united interests of conspirators, communists and drug companies, rather than an organisation devoted to news, as its charter requires, doesn’t allow debate on vaccine issues. I heartily dispute the Imperial College figure and would, on the contrary, claim that the whole covid fraud (lockdowns, jabs, masks, etc.) will be responsible for more than 20 million deaths globally. (I would add that I believe that for two and a half years my predictions and assessments – all available on my websites – have been far more accurate than those from Imperial College.)

In my view, the MHRA should be disbanded and any doctor who squirts this damned stuff into a fellow human should be arrested, tried, convicted of a crime against humanity and shot. It must be a fair trial but they must be shot at the end of it.

According to the BBC the new jab was tested on 437 people, but the Daily Mail reports a test on 800 people. The BBC, which has financial links with Bill Gates, the vaccine enthusiast and friend of Jeffrey Epstein, says that the test ‘showed the updated vaccine was safe’. (The BBC website said: ‘The results of experiments on 437 people showed the updated vaccine was safe and gave better immune protection against newer variants.’)

But a test involving 437 people (assuming for a wild moment that the BBC figure is correct) means that if 1 in 1,000 people who are jabbed with this stuff drop dead within five seconds of being jabbed then the chances are that neither Modern nor the MHRA will know about it. The test just isn’t big enough and hasn’t gone on for long enough. An adequate test of a drug of this kind should go on for 10 years at least.

Moderna’s current covid booster jab has been given to 9.4 million people.

If the new jab is now given to, say 10 million people there could be 10,000 deaths within five seconds if my fearful scenario were to be fulfilled.

I don’t know that will happen. I have no idea what hazards there might be.

But the MHRA doesn’t know what will happen either. And they, like most doctors, seem unaware of all the reported deaths, and the clots and the myocarditis etc.

What about long term-effects?

What will happen after a year, two years, five years?

The answer is written in the sky.

No one knows.

And it seems to me that no one in the medical establishment gives a damn. I honestly don’t think even Dr Harold Shipman would want to give this stuff to his patients. Even serial killers have standards.

I suspect that the conspirators and their bought and paid for collaborators will doubtless now do more killing and maiming. The medical profession and the nursing profession care only about their massive pay demands. They don’t seem to give a damn about patients. TV doctors and the queen will be telling people to rush out and get jabbed. I suspect that none of those doctors will tell patients they are taking part in an experiment or warn them about possible side effects. (Indeed, of course, the MRHA says there are no serious side effects so, presumably, all those reports you’ve seen must have been illusions.)

And, although I feel sorry for the infirm, the mentally handicapped and the slightly dotty who still trust their government and their doctor, I’m afraid I’m so tired of the lies and the stupidity of the zombies that I feel that any healthy, apparently intelligent individual who rolls up their sleeve and accepts this junk in their body deserves what they will undoubtedly get.

Looking on the bright side, let’s hope that BBC staff rush to get jabbed.

Please share this as widely as you can. Maybe, together, we can save a few more people from the conspirators and the collaborators.

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