It’s well known that Anthony Fauci has been wanting to mass vaccinate the US population with the flu vaccine since at least when Obama was in office, but unfortunately for Fauci, as he stated in that video, the standard Food & Drug Consumer Protection Act laws (and the Bill of Rights) don’t allow for mass vaccination of the US population with an experimental vaccine. First it would take 10 years to bring to market any vaccine, including an mRNA flu vaccine, and second – people don’t take the flu that seriously that everyone would risk getting injected. (Fauci’s words).

In 2020, Fauci was able to accomplish his psycho dream of mass vaccination when (Health and Human Services) HHS declared that the novel coronavirus was a threat to public safety and then obtained emergency use authorization of the Covid 19 bioweapon injections with the HHS declaration that COVID-19 was a threat to National Security. It’s important to note, that the PREP Act (declaring that a virus or bioweapon is a threat or potential threat to public safety) specifically grants immunity to EVERYONE, I mean EVERYONE involved in a vaccine that is protected under a PREP Act Declaration. Not just Big Pharma, but also, “Any person authorized to prescribe, administer, or dispense covered countermeasures,” for pandemic and epidemic products.

Most Americans believe that COVID-19 vaccines, PCR tests and drugs are the only current PREP Declaration products available in the US with blanket protected immunity for Big Pharma and Health care providers. That’s not true. According to the HHS division of Administration for Strategic Preparedness and Response (ASPR), there are 9 other CURRENT PREP Declarations for viruses or bioweapons with blanket immunity for the products used on the American people, including the flu…..since 2016. Is the flu vaccine effective? Is it safe? Well if it wasn’t or isn’t, no one is liable.

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