Throughout the years, people at the World Economic Forum (“WEF”) have said some highly disturbing things, none of which garnered proper media attention. When one pieces together the topics championed by WEF, an overarching theme emerges – the total control of humanity using media, science, and technology while reshaping democracies to form a global government.

If this sounds like a far-fetched conspiracy theory, keep reading. We are sharing the 10 most dystopian things according to The Vigilant Citizen, one at a time, that are being pushed by WEF, right now. They are in no particular order because they’re all equally crazy. Here is the second on the list.

Controlling Minds Using Sound Waves

In 2018, one of the topics of discussion at the WEF was “Mind Control Using Sound Waves”. The title is not altered for sensationalism, those are the words used by WEF.

What happens if this technique for altering our brain waves escapes regulation and falls into the wrong hands? Imagine a dictatorial regime with access to the tricks and tools to change the way its citizens think or behave.

That’s the ethical battleground that Antoine Jerusalem, a professor of engineering science at Oxford University, finds himself in as he researches the potential of ultrasound technology to tackle neurological diseases and disorders.

In this interview [Antoine Jerusalem, a professor of engineering science at Oxford University] tells us more about this growing field of research.

Mind control using sound waves? We ask a scientist how it works, World Economic Forum

In the article, the technology is touted as a possible treatment for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. However, the article also states that “it can cure you, it can get you addicted, and it can kill you”. It can also be used to completely control a person’s mind, remotely. The article stated:

I can see the day coming where a scientist will be able to control what a person sees in their mind’s eye, by sending the right waves to the right place in their brain. My guess is that most objections will be similar to those we hear today about subliminal messages in advertisements, only much more vehement.

This technology is not without its risks of misuse. It could be a revolutionary healthcare technology for the sick or a perfect controlling tool with which the ruthless control the weak. This time though, the control would be literal.

Mind control using sound waves? We ask a scientist how it works, World Economic Forum

The article concludes that nobody can stop scientists from developing this technology. To prevent misuse, it should be regulated by organisations such as WEF.

That’s convenient because some companies developing this technology are part of WEF. Do you see where this is going?

Read more: The World Economic Forum Talks About “Mind Control Using Sound Waves”, The Vigilant Citizen, 13 November 2018

WEF’s Article Disappears

WEF posted the “sound waves” article on their Twitter profile when it was first published and their tweet, at least at the time of writing, was still available, but the link to the article it refers to, ‘Mind control using sound waves? We ask a scientist how it works’, is now broken – it is a dead link.

The “sound waves” article was removed from WEF’s website a few days ago, wrote Strange Sounds yesterday and reproduced a copy of WEF’s deleted “sound waves” article HERE.  We encourage you to read it.

However, searching for “Antoine Jerusalem” on WEF’s website we found a mention of it as part of another article ‘8 fascinating and fearsome frontiers of science you should know about’ published on 9 November 2018.  The link to WEF’s interview with Antoine Jerusalem included in this second article is, of course, the same dead link.

8 fascinating and fearsome frontiers of science you should know about, WEF, 9 November 2018, retrieved 7 June 2022

Below, we have attached a copy of the “fascinating and fearsome” article for reference purposes lest it also “disappears.”

For interest’s sake, we searched WEF’s site for “mind control using sound waves.”  The results returned 111 items, none of which were the 2018 “sound waves” article.  But judging by the titles, some of the articles are no less dystopian than the one deleted, for example:

So, why are WEF deleting articles? What are they hiding? Are they about to use it? Are they already using it?

Just when you think it can’t, the WEF dystopian vision gets worse.

The Brain-Net Will Make the World a Better Place

In 2012 Big Think produced a clip of Dr. Michio Kaku explaining brain-to-brain communication.

“There’s no doubt that the internet is creating what is called an intelligent planet, that is, the skin of the planet earth is becoming a network by which intelligent creatures communicate with each other.  But that’s just the first step.  Some people think that the next step in the coming decades is not going to be the internet.  It’s going to be brain-net because we’re at the point now where we can actually connect computers to the living mind,” he said.

Big Think: Can We Have Brain-to-Brain Communication? Michio Kaku, 26 September 2012 (4 mins)

Dr. Kaku served as one of 50 inputs for the book ‘The Great Narrative: For a Better Future’. A book authored by Klaus Schwab and Thierry Malleret as a sequel to ‘The Great Reset’.  According to Aure’s Notes – who read the book so we don’t have to, thank goodness – the major trends of the book are more surveillance, more government and more sacrifice, by us not them.

In January 2022, during the week that Davos 2022 would have ordinarily happened, WEF instead hosted a series of virtual meetings called The Davos Agenda.  As part of this, Schwab and Malleret interviewed Dr. Kaku.  This interview also served as input for their dystopian book.

When asked what major change will make the world a better place, Dr. Kaku answered:

The future of the internet is not digital – it’s neural. We’re in the process of digitising the human brain so that we’re compatible with the internet. We can already record memories and send them on the internet. These are simple memories – memories in mice; now we’re recording memories in primates.

The formation of memories takes place in the hippocampus of the brain, and they can be encoded and put on the internet. In fact, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, they’ve created false memories, which leads to all sorts of legal and philosophical problems. Next will be Alzheimer’s patients; we’ll create a brain chip and, with a push of a button, memories will flood into their minds. And the US Pentagon will pay for it because of all the GIs who returned from Iraq and Afghanistan with spinal cord injuries and were paralysed.

Eventually, the internet will become the brain-net.

In the future, you’ll want emotions, feelings and memories, and you’ll want to be one with the actor or actress … We, physicists, have been working on this for decades. MRIs allow us to scan thoughts in the human brain. If you’re looking at me, I can extract the image of myself from your brain using an MRI scan; the MRI machine can decompose your brain into 30,000 pixels and reassemble them into a human face. We’ll also be able to record dreams in the future.

The first dreams are being recorded as we speak at the University of California at Berkeley – I’ve seen the pictures, which, I admit, are very crude … Brain-net will take a few decades more to get off the ground, but investors are already jumping into it.

Michio Kaku says physics could create a perfect capitalism, WEF, 14 January 2022

Brain-net will make the world a better place for whom? Who benefits? Who will control it?

And how on earth will they get millions, possibly hundreds of millions, of people to accept it?  Aha! By using mind control

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